TWA Friendly: Finger Coils

Any hair length can rock this style, but I thought that this would be an especially great hairstyle for TWAs. I wanted to try it when I had a TWA but never got around to it. This is a great protective style and if you have at least an inch or close to an inch of hair, you can achieve this look. Also, the coil out is ILL!

YouTube's NaturalKC did a fab finger coil tutorial. Check it out below. They look so easy that even the highest of the hair styling inept can do these. Shoot, I may try them on my hair now! :D

Like she stated in the vid, be careful not to make them too big or it may be an issue for them to stay together. You want to make them small enough that that doesn't happen. A possible (as I've never tried it myself) alternative to gel if you're not a gel user is a hair butter or maybe even a hair pudding. I figure if they can hold twists in, why not coils too, right? I'm going to try this when I do mine. I'll update you all how it goes and if that works.

Note. Just like twists, you can start locs with finger coils. So if you don't want your hair to loc up, I wouldn't want to keep them in for more than 2 weeks at a time b/c depending on your hair they may start. Something to keep in mind. :)

Stay naturally fly!


Savannah said…
I'm going to try this this weekend and see how they turn out. Last time I coiled my hair it only lasted a week...I'll let you know the results!
Milan said…
Happy New Year to you too Tiffany!

Yes, Savannah, share your results! I coiled my hair tonight. I dunno about this hairstyle on me. Lol. I'll be posting my results up.
Jc said…
Hey I want to see your results. I tend to not do styles that require alot of prep or product simply because I don't want the washing process after. Great vid though!