TWA Roll Call

Many of you recently BC'd and are up against this cold weather now like what to do with my hair? Sometimes, it can be frustrating and when the going gets tough, enter relaxer stage left or give up and walk out the door with whatever, not feeling cute.

I BC'd in Decemeber (2008) and mainly kept my hair tucked away in (crochet) braids till the weather warmed back up in the spring (then it was wash n go city!). While this is a great option and worked fabulously for me, sometimes I wish I would have experimented more. Like I never tried comb coils and I should have!

So I am asking you ladies to share your TWA hairstyles that you're rocking this winter or rocked during the winter months when you had a TWA with the AGCM community and they'll be posted for inspiration to those transitioning and those that just BC'd.

The deadline to send in pics is by Monday: Januaury 18th. You can send one or two pics max each, please include your name (it can be made up if you like), and the name and/or description of the hairstyle to

Thanks and I can't wait to feature you all! Stay naturally fly.


Chrissystina said…
Interesting, what are "comb coils"? I've never had a TWA, but I moved to salt lake city two years ago from warm Cali, and my hair was freaking the hell out from this dry cold climate!

I'd like to definitely experiment more, but I don't want my hair to break over style, know what I mean?
Blank said…
I just BC'd in Sept so this cold NYC weather is new to me ( moved here from FL) and my hair. Im four months in and I'm struggling like crazy to find something that works. Im want to protect my hair but I don't think its long enough to do anything that will last more than a day plus I used to get my hair tapered when it was shorter so its growing into a funny stage. Its too short in the back or sides to grip for twist or braids which I tried with weave. It literally lasted a week. I just baggie at night and fluff my hair when I get where im going as my hats smoosh my hair back down. I was thinking of wigs but I don't feel like myself when I wear weave. ::sigh:

Anyway sorry to rant all on your comments. Im a fan! Im looking forward to this feature.

BTW you can view my hair length over on LITK. ( I was the girl that bumped into Z in BK)
Milan said…
I understand Chrissystina. Comb coils are usually done on TWA length ladies but I think I have seen them done on longer hair as well. I will do a post about the hairstyle so you can see what they are. They're very pretty and when you take them out it's fab x 2!

Thanks for stopping by YoungBlackBeauty. So yoooooour the one Z was talking about. Glad you checked out the site. They're a great site right? How much hair do you have up top? Maybe you could slick the sides down if they're too short to twist and twist the rest of your hair.

Check out this lady's hair album for some inspiration. She did some cool stuff with her TWA when she was growing hers out: