Twist n Curl

I finally tried Curly Nikki's signature style, the "Twist n Curl". I like how the style came out. It's a more tame curly fro. I see why Nikki likes it so much and why when I was transitioning, I couldn't wait to try this once I was natural. :D

How I Did It:

1. I did this style on old hair; meaning it wasn't freshly washed. I misted each section with my moisturizing mist and then twisted with a small amount of my shea pudding.

2. I did about 17 twists and then rolled one to two twists on a perm rod. Tips: First, place your twists your head how you want your hair to fall once you take them down. Second, if you want tighter curls: do more twists and if you want looser curls: do less twists.

3. Once all my hair was twisted and rolled up, I lightly tied my satin scarf around my head and then put on my satin sleep cap.

Note. Be careful not to get too generous with your spritz or mist b/c your hair may still be damp when you go to take them down in the morning. This happened to me but I just decided to lean wit it n rock wit it, any possible frizz n all. It actually didn't frizz much on me b/c when I realized some parts were still damp, I didn't mess with them: just took them down and lightly fluffed.

4. The next day, I took my hair down, gently separated and fluffed for volume. To add some more volume at the crown and front, I used a pik. And there you have it.


Depends on what you want. If you want it "fresh" every day, then you will want to twist n curl every night before bed. If it doesn't have to be "fresh" every day, sleep with a satin cap on or make sure you sleep on a satin pillow case to minimize breakage. Once you lose most definition or you feel your hair starting to dry out some, either wash your hair and start over or re-do the T-n-C. Quite easy, right?

TWA's, you can do this style too! If you have enough hair to twist, you have enough hair to do this style. The perm rod sizes go really small so don't be shy to try out this style.

Earrings are by, who else, me!


Savannah said…
Milan it looks fab! I have been dying to try this style but thought my hair wasn't long enough yet. But since you clued me in on the small perm rods, I'm going to try this on my hair as a way to add some longevity out my two strands.

Thanks for the idea!
Milan said…
Thanks ladies. Yes, Savannah, definitely try it! Seriously, those perm rods come very small. You'd be surprised.
Unknown said…
Oooo I cannot wait to try this out!! Celebration!!
Candice said…
I love it! very pretty:-)
Nichelle said…
This looks great! I thought I had a lot more growing to do to achieve Curly Nikki's twist n curl but now that I see your results, that's next on my hairstyle list. Love the earrings, by the way! ;)
misss_e said…
I love it! Im in my ninth month of transition and I wear my hair like this all the time. Im toying with BCing though because Im anxious to be done with these relaxed strands!