3 Clays for Clarifying The Koils n Kinks

*BOB= Black Owned Business

Many natural clays are great for sucking the dirt and build up (from products), impurities from your hair. Unlike a clarifying shampoo, these clays won't dry your hair out and will leave it feeling very soft, moisturized, and you can receive some great clumpage (means awesome kurl definition). Bonus: you can use them on your face as a mask. They make great weekly or monthly treatments. It's not recommended you use them more than weekly.

NOTE: THE CLAYS THAT I AM LISTING AREN'T RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON THE FACE OF THOSE WITH SENSITIVE, DRY OR MATURE SKIN TYPES. I WILL BE DOING ANOTHER POST ON WHAT CLAYS WOULD BE SUITABLE FOR THE FACES OF THOSE WITH DRY AND/OR SENSITIVE SKIN TYPES. These clays I've listed benefit the faces of those with oily or combination/normal skin. As always, I encourage you to do further research of your own and use your own better judgement when trying any new product, recipe, or treatment.

Now that that's outta the way, check out the list and links I've provided where you can buy:

* Bentonite

I'm sure most of you have heard tons about this clay. It's the most common one that I hear of naturals using.

You can get 8oz for $6 at www.BlackOnyxWorld.com which is one of Youtube's natural hair gurus, BlackOnyx77's new online store. This is a great price and it's a black owned business ladies. Support!

* French or Tuscan Green Clay

Note. These are not to be mistaken with Green Clay. They differ in that I couldn't find any information on people using regular green clay on hair, just the face. Please be cognizant of this upon purchasing or ask someone that knows about clays more if it's safe to put regular green clay on your hair.

I found about 7oz of Tuscan green clay from Anita Grant (BOB) for about $15.

I also found 8oz of French green clay from From Nature With Love for $8.

* Rhassoul Clay

8oz for $8 at From Nature With Love.

Anita Grant (BOB) makes a Rhassoul Deep Condish that sounds divine. You have a few sizes to chose from but visually, I like the heart shaped one, pictured above: 2.12oz for about $8. :D

What makes the clays different is their varying amounts of different (good for you) minerals in them. I plan to experiment with them to see how the different clays affect my hair and skin. If you have any experience using any of these clays or all 3, weigh in. I'd love to read your experiences with them.

Photo credits for the 1st picture: www.FromNatureWithLove.com


Mop Top Maven said…
I absolutely love Bentonite Clay on my hair! I have some French Green Clay laying around somewhere, I am going to have to try it out!
Da Jadedpoet said…
I'm really trying to figure out if bentonite clay temporarily strengthens the elasticity in one's hair. I've noticed after using it *well just once nearly a year ago LOL* My strands seem to stretch much really far and not break, it was like in rubber band city LMAO!
Milan said…
Jaded, that's a good question to ask Jc from thenaturalhaven.blogspot.com!
savvybrown said…
Bentonite clay? LOVE IT. Lsst time I used it I mixed it with coconut milk istead of just ACV. My hair comes out soft and knot free every time. I just mix it with ACV for a face mask. I also mix a teaspoon with water or juice every now and then to "clean" me out.

Ehassoul? meh. It was ok. But I just used Hot water like Anita Grant said. Maybe I should have used an oil too?

French Clay I use on my face for facials. A little water, a couple of drops each of peppermint oil, and lavender oil and rosewater, and I have a great mask. HTH.

- savvy