Amina's Top 5 Beauty Buys from Etsy

I asked Amina from the awesome beauty blog, Coup de Coeur, to do a guest post on some great products you'll want to take a look at in 2010 and she gladly obliged. Thanks Amina! Without furthur a do......

When I went natural in 2006, I felt renewed, in peace and able to appreciate my beauty. Freeforming last winter was the best experience of my natural hair journey as I saw my two strand twists evolve into thick babies locs. Over the years, I have come to appreciate how natural hair has helped me to define my own standards of beauty. Going natural has also affected my spending purchases. I have always loved products: shopping, making them and looking for the next IT product. This love was passed down from my mother who used to even hide products from my dad.

From left to right: Amina's big chop, Amina now

However now, I am pickier by reading ingredients and also making sure that the products I purchase benefit others, are fair-traded, handmade and natural. Hence, I love supporting small businesses especially led by Black women. As Black women, we tend to take care of everyone else and in the midst of it all, we forget ourselves. It is very important for me to support my sisters’dreams which is why I mostly shop at Etsy and also participate actively at Kiva.

Amina's free forming fro shots

Etsy can be quite overwhelming as there are so many vendors and products. This is why I wanted to present 5 top products that you might love!

1) Njoi Creations Herbal Pudding: This is the first product that I tried from Njoi Creations. Angie, the CEO has great customer service! She ships the items on time and really wants to make sure that her customers are happy. The herbal pudding reminds me of ole Indian Hemp grease that I used back in the days except that this pudding is so much better. I use it as a scalp butter and love how the peppermint and rosemary essential oils blend.

2) Darcy’s Botanicals Coconut Cupuacu Pomade: Her pomades came out last April precisely April 15th. Yes, I stalked her and was among the first ones to place an order. I have always wanted to try Brazilian butters especially tucuma, ucuuba , cupuacu and murumumu as I heard that they are amazing on our hair. Well this product did not disappoint me. It is very thick so a little bit goes a long way. I’ve used it to twist my hair, as a moisturizer, for afro puffs, I simply love it!

3) Zaja Naturals Solid Perfumes: I love perfumes!!However recently with my eczema, I had to take a break from designer perfumes and I’ve adopted a gentler formula. Well, I had no idea that I will love them so much that I will start collecting them. One of my favorite scents is Et une rose

4) Sweet Harlem Oil by Nunulovehandmades: It is light oil that reminds me of summer days with its sweet scent of mango. It is perfect for hot oil treatments, sealing your ends and even as a body oil

5) Herbal Rich Butter by Christine Gant. I love the fact it is has so many herbs that promote hair growth and a healthy scalp. A little bit goes a long way. I love using it to moisturize my hair and also to twist my hair.



Great piece, miss! I'm going to check out those solid perfumes. I can't use commercial perfumes/colognes anymore either (were breaking my skin out something terrible). Make sure you thank Amina for waking up your dormant, inner PJ or keeping your already raging PJ fired up. Hahaha.


Amina said…
aaw..thank you so much for featuring me on your blog! It is a honor :)
Chai said…
great list, & Amina is the sweetest! Winter is definitely the time to try out some of those oils...they look yummy!
Milan said…
Amina: I'm honored that you agreed to write up a lil sumthin sumthin! Thank you for letting me feature you!

Chai: Amina rocks. Yeah, she def mentioned some great products!
Da Jadedpoet said…
Looking at the solid perfumes and lovely packaging is beginning to make my inner junkee revive empty wallet won't let it though LOL.

Great review Amina! If you know a product on etsy that will help with the breakage that occurs at the very tips of my hair, I would greatly appreciate it! :-)
Balls Of Beauty said…
i got my wish list handy, cant wait!! i love supporting our peeps!!