Black History Month and Good Hair Mart Opening

Say it loud! I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD!

James Brown couldn't have said it better. Outside of the late spring months, this is one of my favorite months of the year.

I enjoy and appreciate the diversity other cultures bring to the world but I have so much pride in being Black (a Black American as well!), all our ancestors who sacraficed a lot to see to it that we had better than they did, and where we will go so that our future have better than we have now. We ARE American history and have contributed so much to advancement of this country and WORLD.

I love the vibrancy and sometimes even ugliness of our culture, our creativity, our talent and skill, our cuisine, and most importantly our RESILIENCE. We can make a way out of nothing and still carry ourselves with the esteem of kings and queens. I LOVE that about us. Let's continue to propel our beautiful community and heritage to even higher heights and support each other more. Let's enhance the Black experience. I know I go out of my way to highlight black owned businesses and be involved in our community's celebration/s, preservation and enrichment. I encourage you all to as well. This is our community so let's take pride in us!

One of my favorite YouTubers, CoilsKinksCurls, just recently opened up an on-line BSS! Yes, ladies! A BLACK owned beauty supply store called the Good Hair Mart. Let's get our money back (from the Koreans)and flowing back into our communities.

This hair care thang is a multi-BILLION dollar industry. Can you imagine the impact that would have on our community if that money was coming back to us?! Shoot, the government would be asking us for loans. #Realtalk

Please support this enterprising and beautifully talented Black woman (of God as well) and do some business with her. She's going to be carrying some awesome natural hair care lines including but are not limited to: Afroveda, Donna Marie and Darcy's Botanicals."

Please support what she's trying to do b/c when you support her, you are US! I hope more Black owned beauty supply stores will start popping up. Let's make our own hair care lines b/c we (need to) know our hair better than anyone else! Let's get our money back and as always, keep it Naturally Fly! Let the church say Amen! :D


Chai said…
I was so happy to hear she was starting a business! You're right, it is in our hands where and who we give our money to.

Happy Black History Month!!
Chrissystina said…
I am sooooo loving this! I will definitely support her!
Question: Is it really Black-owned through the entire business/ Like she gets everything she sells as Black-owned, too? Does that make since?

Anywhoo, shes incredible
CoilsKinksCurls said…
OMG, I had no idea that you were going to do this!! Thank you so much for letting your readers know about me and my business! It truly truly means the world to me!! Stay blessed!!
Milan said…
CoilsKinksCurls: I was so excited when you made this announcement, you would have thought I was the one opening the store. Lol. I'll be in touch. I'd like to add a banner or link to the site.

Chrissystina: I know brands like Afroveda, Donna Marie and Darcy's Botanicals, that she's carrying, are black owned. I would check out the site and get in direct contact with her for this information.
CoilsKinksCurls said…
Yes all of the lines I am carrying are from black owned manufactuers so indeed it is a 100% black owned business. I will try and keep it that way also! Thanks guys!
Balls Of Beauty said…
i will DEFINITELY support, plus i got darcy b on my wish list anywayz!! thanx milan, good lookin out!
beautybykat80 said…
Ha ha!! I love this post, Milan. I was rather intrigued by her video too. Its a great post to share this info, and keep things in the family. I will support her as well!