Buy Black Owned: Beauty Supply Stores

Black owned businesses, you will hear me refer to them as BOBs, are integral in enriching and enhancing our community. I've listed 3 great sites owned by beautiful and enterprising black women that I think you all will like, may have already known about and will want to support! After all, who knows what we want and need best than us?

* Good Hair Mart

I did a post on this brand new online beauty supply store. Monique, the owner, is also a natural hair Youtuber and opened her shop for business this Monday. She had such success on opening day, that she's sold out of many of her products already. She carries awesome natural brands like Afroveda and Donna Marie to name a few.


* LUV Naturals

Another natural hair Youtuber, Kim, opened her shop for business on Valentine's Day. Her shop carries fab hair accessories, including but not limited to: hair rollers, barrets, clips and headbands for EXCELLENT prices. You can get a 4 pack of quality banana clips for $1.89! You may be thinking banana clips? Yeah, check out her vid on diff looks she created with them and you will want some too. I like that she carries hair stopper drain catchers (they catch all fallen hair so they don't clog your sink or shower) too for only $4.


* Black Onyx World

I'm sure every natural in the cyber natural world knows of this natural hair Youtuber, Rochelle. Her shop carries fly accessories which include her own handcrafted line, Nayimani Chic and her own hair care line, Alikay Naturals. She also carries some other goodies like bentonite clay and black soap.

Every thing sold at all three of these online shops are at uber affordable price points without lacking quality. Support these businesses and let's get our money back into our community b/c when they do well, we all do!

Know of any other black owned beauty supply stores? Let me know ( and I'll shout them out!


Amina said…
thank you for the sources :)
I placed my first luvnaturals and I am so happy with the service :)
Tiffany said…
You are always so positive. Thanks for the leads on the goods.
Ms. Princess said…
Thanks for the info. I'm always interested in finding BOBs. And ironically I was just reading an article by Kimmaytube on She was talking about opening her new biz.
Chrissystina said…
This is wonderful. I love BOBs!
MG said…
fleurtzy will open her boutique the 1st of March.