Hairstyles: Funky Up-Dos

I've decided once my twists challenge is over, to have fun with up-dos (till the summer when the fro will be out in full effect but that's another post....) the duration of the spring season. I'm particularly interested in retro up-do styles from the 1940s.

After surfin the net for inspiration on some styles to craft my kinky koils into, I found some I'm excited to try. My top inspiration was Shingai Shoniwa (from The Noisettes). She is so my style sister. I found some others that I'd love to recreate or put my own spin on. Enjoy the list of pics I've compiled so far. I can't wait till this spring!

Thinking of getting a book to learn how to create these styles. To give me better insight on creating them. But more on that come April. :D


mounique said…
thats a very good idea!!!
Anonymous said…
Thats a really good idea!!
Milan said…
Thanks ladies. I can't wait till April so I can play!
She Who Must Not Be Named said…
Awesome idea! I have a ton of pics of vintage updos to experiment with this winter. There are also good Youtube tutorials.

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