Hot Yoga for Healthy Hair Growth?

Now I've got your attention. ;D

Bikram yoga also known as hot yoga is warmin it up all across the nation and world I imagine. With this kind of yoga, temperature in the room/studio is turned up to 100 degrees (F), some a lil more. This is supposed to maximize your stretching and increase flexibility since the warmth causes your muscles to relax more. It also increases your sweating which helps you rid your body of even more toxins. Niceeee.

I've been aching, no pun intended, to try it out as I'm already a yoga luver. I'm in the Yoga Heads group on Natural Sunshine and one of the ladies was saying that not only is it an awesome work out, it also helped for healthier hair growth with her.

Please don't confuse healthy hair growth with faster or increased hair growth. Just like regular exercise increases blood flow all over your body (scalp included) and sweating rids your body of toxins so does this. Some may experience faster growth and some may not. The importance is that if nothing else, the growth and the state of your hair in general will be healthier than if you weren't doing it. Ya dig?

I just found a hot yoga studio nearby and learned of their special for newcomers. They can take classes for FREE the first ten consecutive days. Too bad I can't afford a membership there once those 10 days are over. Lol. Oh well. All in due time, I'll be working again and will be able to join. For now, I'll be trying it for 10 days free! I'm thinking tomorrow or early next week I'll head down there. Updates when I sign up for it.


Unknown said…
i'm currently taking a yoga class might i say I love it! So I have to try this now
Chrissystina said…
I did bikram yooga with my mom a couple of years ago. I'm a total germaphobe, so being in a 100+ degree room with sweaty strangers was not for me. We did it in 90 minute sessions. I nearly threw up, I was so faint, even after chuggin water. However, my mom looks half of her age and has perfect skin, and she has been doing bikram yoga religiously for years. Her hair hasn't been affected, I don't think but her skin literally glows.

I might give it another try if I have a friend to do it with me:-)
Milan said…
I'm so excited to try it. I'm going to the studio nearby on Monday. Woot woot! :D
Anya Posh said…
yes! hot yoga...i found a studio near my place and i did the $10 for 10 consecutive days. it was opened up my pores and i let out so unnecessary much water weight.

i'll definitely sign up once i'm working full-time!
Anonymous said…
always wanted to try this!