The Low Down on Shea Butter

Check out these DuchessGabrielle vids about the difference between the ivory/off-white, yellow, and white shea butter. I found them quite interesting.

Your thoughts? I always liked the off-white kind best, which I guess is actual shea butter. Still can't seal with it though but my skin luvs it.


Da Jadedpoet said…
Yeah girl I found her videos and was really intrigued with her comments. I personally found the "african butter" to do better with my hair and skin but now I think the off white one shea butter I had before was no good. The one I have now seems to work very well so I noticed *for me* though off white if it doesn't have that strong nutty/smoky smell anymore it won't work on my skin.
Sheila said…
I have always preffered the off-white shea butter for my hair and body. Great info though, good to know!
MღRLz said…
I find it sad that I've never actually seen the real off-white shea butter before.

The white and yellow ones all over though. I even own white shea butter since the seller told me it "was better". I feel like I was conned! lol