My Hair: Twist Challenge Updates #2

Wednesday- February 17th:

What a challenge this is indeed. I'm coming up on 2 weeks in this set and I'm growing restless. I usually can't commit to a hairstyle, especially a protective one, for more than 2 consecutive months. I just luv wearing my hair out. I'm committed to this challenge though and am gonna see it through till April.

I've been playing around with how to moisturize while in these. First I tried using castor oil, keeping it away from my scalp (it hates stuff being put on it), but wasn't too crazy about that (shoulda used coconut oil huh? Doh!). Most recently, I tried my shea pudding that I twisted with and didn't care for this either. I'm thinking of very LIGHTLY misting my moisturizing mist on them. Hopefully my hair won't shrink up too much.

This pic was taken Sunday, Feb 14

I'm still only moisturizing 2 times a week and this seems to be working well. Hair's not dry feeling at all and not putting product on my hair every day is reducing how much inevitable build up I will accrue over time. I will try my latest idea out tomorrow.

Thurs- Feb 18th:

I very lightly misted the twists today with my moisturizing mist: water, aloe vera gel, and castor oil. My hair swelled up some (obviously) but looked more lively. The twists did shrink up some but not a whole lot. If I keep lightly misting them frequently, will they keep shrinking? Maybe I could try every other day? Stay with 2 times a week? As you can see, I'll be experimenting....

Sat- Feb 20th:

I plan to touch up the front and front sides tomorrow. They're pretty fuzzy due to me moisturizing with the mist. I've also decided that I just need/want a hair cream to moisturize the twists 2 times a week b/c misting them makes them frizzy/fuzzy. I learned a way to stretch my twists back out from the (minor) shrinkage I got: put them into some large braids overnight like I would a braid out. I'm going to try it tonight and see what it's looking like tomorrow morning.

Sun- Feb 21st:

How did it turn out? FABULOUS. My twists are stretched back out. Yaaaaay. So if your twists shrink up, you can do a "braid out", essentially, on them and stretch them back out; show more length. This picture above is the result of them being stretched. I thought it looked cute with the right side pinned up.

Tues- Feb 23rd:

I never got around to touching up the front and front sides so my hair is super fuzzy, my scalp is itching like crazy w/ a lot of build up and my hair feels so dirty! This Friday marks 3 weeks and I don't think I'm interested in going any longer in this set ladies. I have to wash my hair, my scalp is flaking up bad. If I wash them in these twists, not only will they shrink up immensely, they will unravel for sure and create a mess. I know my hair and even when I wash my hair in sections, I have to braid them or else they will come undone. So Friday, this set is coming out. What I've learned, my scalp can go up to 2 weeks without being cleansed. After that, it's a wrap. My hair has spoken and I'm listening.


Chai said…
I applaud you! I'm doing the same thing, and you're's tough! I'm only on wk 2, and have plans to take em out this Saturday. They're mostly fuzzy, but I have this urgent need to wash my
Sheila said…
I love wearing my hair out as well, but I will stick it out with ya : ), its only one more month to go! Im documenting my progress on fotki.
My Natural Me said…
Keep it up diva...remember I here for you through this challenge. We are on the SAME journey...can't wait til April first...we will have to celebrate together!
Anonymous said…
You have about a month to go, you can def do it! I LOVE the 1st pic! sooo cute!
Chrissystina said…
I can GUARANTEE that I am worse at keeping my hair in a protective style that you:-D I ADORE my hair out, but I do want to grow it out just a little;-)

Twist challenge, you say? I JUST washed my hair 10 minutes ago, and this is prime time to put in some twists.

Oh, lord here we go!