My Hair: Wash n Go's Another Go This Spring?

I've been watching some vids on the Donna Marie MiraCurl Curling Gelly and I must say that I'm interested in possibly trying wash n go's again, with it, come spring time. It's been resently reformulated and now some like it better than Kinky Curly Curling Custard. I know CoilsKinksCurls is one who feels this way. She did some recent daily vids chronolizing how it was holding up and her last vid was today at day 5 and her hair still has awesome curl definition. It's safe to say, she can get 7 day hair with it. Perfecto!

Check her vid below. This is day 5. To see the earlier days, check her channel

I'm excited to give it a try. Oooo hurry up and get here April! She sells this, as well as a host of other awesome natural hair care products, at her online beauty supply store, Good Hair Mart. It officially re-opens on the 20th so stop by and see what she's got. I believe she mentioned trying to get Giovanni Direct products and Trader Joes conditioners there for you all that enjoy those products.

Please support her. This is a black owned beauty supply store! Let's get our money flowing back into our communities! :D


misslycia said…
Oh dear, I was just getting over my product junkism. Now after this video, it's back in effect, lol. Thanks for the visual and the info regarding the beauty supply site!
Balls Of Beauty said…
yes milan, im ready for her store to open this fri, i got my wish list handy!!
Milan said…
Sorry misslycia! Lol but how can you not want to slip back into PJism after seeing that vid and knowing a BLACK beauty supply store is stepping in on the scene!

kisha, I'm so excited for her and the shop! She's carrying some great products and has plans to add more great stuff. :D