My Hair: What I Use On It

First off, I'm sure you noticed the banner change. I was tired of looking at the previous one and wanted something "cleaner" that screamed simple and chic. I also feel that this gives the site a different look. One that I like better. On to the topic at hand.

I've whittled down my already small product line up again. I'm a simplistic woman in many aspects of my life, including my hair. I really vibe with the "less is more" mindset. Below is my most current list of what I use

What I Use
  1. Castile soap mix
  2. Homemade conditioning mixes
  3. Coconut oil (or EVOO)
  4. Castor oil
  5. Aloe vera gelly
  6. Homemade shea pudding
  7. ACV rinse
  8. Henna

I am proud to say, that's all folks. I can maintain my hair's health and achieve whatever hairstyles I like to wear with only those products listed. :D

I think I will almost always be at play when it comes to my mixing though. My next mixtress project is making the talked about flax seed gel. I've heard many great review on it and am ready to try it out for myself. I also plan to try a new conditioning mix with an avocado. Maybe I'll try the banana one too.

Hair care product reviews will still be going down but I have a twist that I'm going to put on some of them. More details on that in another post though so keep a look out and have a great weekend ladies! Wearing your hair any special way for Valentine's Day?


Chrissystina said…
I used avocado last weekend, I need to put my post up about it. I think it left my hair hard, as if it were a protein treatment, NOT conditioning treatment. I know for a fact there's some protein in avocado oil, so that might be why. How does everyone get their hair feeling so moisturized, and mine feels so protein-enriched?
Weird, good luck girlie!
Moni said…
Make sure you get the babyfood when you use banana! It moisturizes really well. I'm not doing anything special with my hair for Valentines. I finally took out my mini twists (took hours!) last night and washed it today. I'm leaving my DC in overnight, then rinsing and pulling it back into a braided bun tomorrow.
Milan said…
Yes, Moni, I've heard the horror stories of using a banana you've squashed up yourself. Lol. How were you keeping your mini twists moisturized? I don't wet mine, I just apply some castor oil them 2 times a week to prevent them from drying out.

Chrissystina, that's odd. I always hear the exact opposite about conditioning with avocado. What recipe did you use? Have you checked out PrettyDimples vid on youtube when she did it?

I think I'm going to do mine like this: avocado, coconut cream, honey, and a lil oil. I'm thinking of doing it when I take these twists out next month so you know I'll keep you guys updated!
Moni said…
Since I had them in for so long, I used a variety of methods based on how dry they felt and what I felt like using. Sometimes I'd just smooth a butter like shealoe or an afroveda butter on the ends.
For the last week or two I sprayed with Aloe Gro ( and then just seal the moisture with a butter or coconut oil. I made my Aloe Gro with a hair tea (water steeped with all sorts of good for you herbs) instead of just plain water, and tea trea oil since it's the only one I have. This is the first time I made the Aloe Gro, so I'm still testing it out, but I think I like it. I spray it on both my scalp and my hair, unlike the butters, which I concentrate on my ends. I moisturized every other day to every 3 days, depending on how my hair feels. My hair seemed pretty moisturized (though dirty!) when I took them out, so I guess it worked!
savvybrown said…
I do my own "Har Guacamole" deep conditioning treatment with avocado and mayo and I love it. The key for me is using a ripe Haas avocado and mashing it with a fork BEFORE I put it in the mini-prep. My hair LOVES protein. (I'd rub a steak through my hair if I could) But some people are protein sensitive. Below is the link to my recipe. Happy VDAy!
- savvy
Milan said…
Thanks for sharing that Moni. Right now, I'm just applying castor oil to the ends when the feel dry but I'll keep your techniques in mind in case it stops working.

Oooo now I want to try that recipe, savvybrown! Maybe I will when I take my twists down next month. Thanks for sharing it.
ALENE said…
I love your new banner...simple chic. I too am low maintenance and I'm starting to dislike the fact of trying all these different products that I read about. One day I will have a new and improved product list. Thanks again for this post
Makeup Theory said…
I co wash with Burt's Bees Raspberry moisturizing conditioner. Then I condition with a little more Burt's Bees mixed with bananas baby food. Rinse with water and then do a final rinse with a homemade herbal tea (hibiscus, marshmallow root, burdock root and nettle). When I'm ready to twist, I spritz with pure aloe vera juice from the health food store (aloe vera in pure form must be stored in a dark glass container and refrigerated) mixed with honeyquat.

Now and again I'll do a henna treatment or a coconut milk and Greek yogurt deep conditioner. But that's a treat, not part of the normal routine. I seal with shea butter.

This routine has come as a product of much trial and error. I love how soft and healthy my hair is using this.