Skin Care: Luxurious Sugar Scrub Recipes

Spring is around the corner kurlies and you know what that means: we get to show a lil more skin. Check out these cheap and chic recipes below to make your own sugar scrubs so you can slough away that dead skin and uncover your skin's satin smoothness and glow. Those with sensitive skin, I don't recommend these recipes for you b/c they might make your sensitivity worse; irritate your skin more.

* 1 cup brown sugar
* 1/2 cup sweet almond oil
* a few drops of essential oil or fragrance body oil of choice
* some honey (this is optional but honey has loads of moisturizing properties so why not?)
* container to put it in (an old container or tupperware will do)

Instructions: Mix together the oils and honey in your container. Add the brown sugar and mix it up. Viola! Note that you can tweek the consistency to your liking. Some like more oil than sugar and others more sugar than oil. Play around with the proportions till you find the consistency that you like. Be light handed! There is no need to scrub hard or you will end up irritating your skin.

Here's another sugar scrub recipe:

* 1 cup of sugar
* 1/2 cup to 1 cup of extra virgin olive oil
* lemon juice (optional)
* few drops of essential oil or body fragrance oil (optional)

Instructions are the same as the brown sugar scrub.

You can use whatever carrier oil you like in these scrub recipes. Experiment till you find the oil you like best. You can also do an oil blend; use more than one oil in your scrub. Again, experiment!

My favorite is the brown sugar scrub. Sweet almond oil is my favorite oil for scrubs. It feels divine after you've shaved or epilated your legs. I no longer shave and use an epilator now, so I do it after the I epilate and OMW (oh my wow), the shine and smoothness is bananas.

**These recipes were originally posted 5-28-08**

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Chrissystina said…
This sounds yummy. My mom sends me Trader Joe's Purify Tangerine Sugar Scrub. have you tried it? It is whole lotta natural sweet-smelling stuff for like 6.00!

I will definitely start making my own. Thanks, girl:-D
paul said…
That recipe looks really good. Thanks a lot for sharing. I should definitely try it sometime.

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