(Vogue) Black is Beautiful

Vogue Black

Have you ladies checked out Vogue Black yet? What an exciting endeavor to give black women the love and shine we deserve and celebrate more than one kind of beauty, right? I hope people are finally starting to see that. Diversity is so what makes this world an interesting place to live on and shapes all kinds of experiences in our lifetimes that we couldn't have if there was just one kind of beauty. Ya dig?

I was so excited when I learned some of my favorite bloggers like Andrea from Fly and Afrobella were asked to contribute. What a coo experience to add to your list of accomplishments.

I haven't gotten a chance to check it out in its entirty yet but from what I did get to see, I can dig it.

Black History Month is coming to a close and I didn't get to post nearly as much as I wanted to. I guess I should have a better plan for next year then. Lol.

I have an ill (song) snippet I want to share with you all from one of my new friends but I have to figure out how I can embed the darn thing onto the site! If anyone knows how I can do this, please let me know b/c he's crazy talented and you all will think so too after you hear it!

Enjoy your weekend all. I'm off to edit pics for another post (I roller set and silk wrapped my hair :D), Saturday afternoon cleaning, and then braiding my hair. Peace in the Middle East!


Candice said…
I had no idea!! there is definitely diversity in beauty. I love it!
Also heard that Bethann Hardison was tapped as the EIC. That's major!

Ada said…
dont like it, why the separatism? arent we good enough to be in the mainstream vogue and be represented just like others.
Its like their saying you guys wanna come in, fine then go over to the other side.
Milan said…
Hell yea we're good enough! But I don't see anything wrong with us having something for ourselves either. "Separatism" in this sense isn't always a bad thing. And I dunno, in some ways, I feel intergration ucked with our sense of pride in ourselves and our culture a lil bit. That's just me though.
Fola said…
I kinda agree with Ada on this one. Especially when I went and looked on the vogue.it homepage and only one of the people mentioned in the vogue black section was there. It's definately nice to be recognised, but I don't think it's necessary for it to be in a seperate section.