Accessories That Can Mac: Frank & Myrrh

I follow Nikole's deliciously, creative blog The MopTop Maven (and you should too!). She blogs about hair, fashion, cooking, various DIY crafts, and takes awesome pictures. I luv the photography on there. When I found out she was a jewelry designer, I knew I had to feature her over this way. She designs custom pieces but let me know that she will soon be creating pieces for sale (for more details you can email her which is provided at the very bottom).

Below is her official bio:

"Creating is a cathartic experience," claims Nikole Crowe, proud Los Angeles native, founder and creative designer behind Frank & Myrrh. She truly loves what she does, simply because it makes her feel good. Ever since the age of 10, Nikole has been fashioning jewelry using beads and baubles from her mothers jewelry box. Completely self-taught, she belives that there are no rules or boundaries within self-expression.

The design process starts from within, and the finished product mirrors a reflection of the love, patience, and craftsmanship generously put into each piece.
Her philosophy with Frank & Myrrh isnt about following the latest trends; it is about allowing each person that wears these pieces to discover their unique essence, individuality, and beauty.
"Originality, Craftsmanship and Style" are the qualities Nikole looks for in her own personal choice of accessories. That high standard of taste is made evident in her own creations. At the core of Frank & Myrrh designs are high quality base materials ranging from 14 K gold and vermeil, to antique brass, giving every piece long lasting, durable beauty. Incorporated into each piece, is an array of classic eye-catching accents. The likes of semi-precious stones, vintage beads, Swarovski Crystals and pearls bring every conception to life.
You can get in touch with her at


Mop Top Maven said…
Thank you soo much for the feature!!!!!!
Milan said…
It's my pleasure. Thank you for letting me feature you. Your work is wonderful!