Accessories That Can Mac: Jewel Bee Designs

Accessories That Can Mac was on hiatus for a while but it's back! I've got some cool lines/pieces to share with you all. This week's feature is one of my close friends for life and fellow O-State alum (GO BUCKS!), Felisha. We were talking recently and when she told me she came out with a jewelry line, I knew I had to feature her and she's a BOB (Black Owned Business).

Her mother and aunt design and create pieces in the line as well. Everything is hand designed and they also do custom work. When asked about the brand's philosophy/what kind of woman rocks her pieces, she had this to say:

The type of girl to rock my items would be that jazzy, classy, type of woman. One that loves to have her accessories jazz up even the most casual outfit. The woman that wants to look cute after 5 but still look sophisticated at a mid-day meeting. I also design custom pieces based on request of the customer. My slogan is to provide "custom made jewelry for your custom made style"My philosophy is to provide women of all ages with affordable uniquely designed jewelry and accessories that will exceed their expectations. You shouldn't have to waste your time looking all over town for the perfect accessories.

Fabulous! Check out more of her work HERE. If you are interested in getting pieces custom designed, you can email her at:


misslycia said…
Wow! I looked at her eBay store, and am amazed that her prices are so reasonable. There goes my next paycheck, lol.