Hair Care: Don't Ignore Your Nails

This post is inspired by something I read on BGLH. They were talking about being careful that your nails weren't doing damage to your hair. Your hair strands can easily get caught in hang nails and jagged crevises in your nail bed and break off that way. So this is a quick hair care tip: care for your nails. I like to keep my nails short and the edges rounded and filed. If you like your nails long just be careful to keep the edges smooth and make sure there aren't any cracks.

When I went through my acrylics phase a few years back, I noticed when I tried to be cheap and not get a fill for another week, the acrylic would start to lift up some from my nail bed and my hair would sometimes get caught in there and break off. So those who do acrylic, gel, or solar nails, make sure you get your fills done in a timely manner.

We put in the time and effort to keep our hair looking and feeling right. Let's not undo some of that work with our nails. Lol. Stay naturally fly. :D