I Think I Want This Wig

My once burgeoning (half) wigs habit became dormant after last summer. I fell in love with my own hair and wanted it out all the time. Seeing this wig in Dezi1016's vid below though, I think I want it!

The Details
Invisi Lace Lace Front Wig
Style: IL-110
Where to Buy: varies- she purchased hers at her local BSS. I found it online at for about $64 (free shipping) at Favorite Wigs

Wigs are so great when you wanna change things up without doing anything to your own hair. We already know when you care for your hair well underneath, they make for great protective hairstyles. So fun.


Da Jadedpoet said…
Wow it is kayute!! Hmm I don't know if I'd be able to rock it, but my motto, YOU NEVER KNOW UNLESS YOU TRY LOL! You look like you can work it though! If you get it mos def put up a video girly!
bacalove said…
Hello: I got a serious bald spot from wearing these new wigs!!!!

I got a great twist-out on 4B hair using Nature's Natural Twist & Gro Loc Gel (all natural) and/or Miss Jessie's Curly Buttercream.

You can find the Twist & Grow at www.chatto.com for a 3oz jar for $5.00 and she usually throws in a sample of her Aloe Moisture Mist!