Music That Can Mac: Brandon*

Kurlies! You gotta check out my boi, Brandon*. He produces music and plays a plethora of different musical instruments; he's something like a musical genious. Well, at least I think so. Werd to ya mutha. He's so wonderfully talented. He sent me a snippet of one of his latest projects and said it was ok for me to share it with you all. The lyrics and vocals are by an artist named Trumaine Lamar. It's called Luv Sik.

"Luv Sik" Produced by Brandon ft Trumaine Lamar

Doesn't the beat put you in such a sunshiney mood? Even though the lyrics are talking about getting your heart broken? Haha.

Hear more of Brandon's sounds on his MySpace page: and he's also on Twitter: So follow him if you like and tell him I sent you.

PS (Don't you just luv the clip art that goes with the music? That's me. LOL. I figured you didn't want to look at a black screen and I've become addicted to making my own clip art.)