Product Review: Suave Professionals Almond & Shea Butter Conditoner

I first learned of this product when I was watching one of Nappy Chronicles'  Youtube vLogs on plopping (more on this technique later. I plan to try it next month when these braids come out).

It's NOT a (100%) natural product. The ingredients do include some natural ones like almond oil, shea butter, lavendar flower extract, and aloe vera juice to name a few. It's also silicone free which makes it CG (curly girl) friendly, and it's paraben free. I looked it up on the Cosmetics Database to see how "hazardous" it was but there hasn't been a review done on this product yet (probably b/c it is still kinda new). So I looked at some ratings on conditioners with similar ingredients to this one and have surmised that this conditioner would more than likely be rated as a "moderate hazard" product. So do with this information what you will.

I decided to try co-washing with it in the braids just to see what it would do. I haven't co-washed for years b/c once I got hip to castile soap, I no longer had a problem with "shampoo" stripping/drying out my hair anymore. I just felt like trying something and why not when you can get 32oz for $3, right?


Check out my vid:

This is a great conditioner to have on hand when I'm traveling and can't bring all my oils to condition with (they always end up spilling and making hideous messes in my suitcase. So not the business). The price is right and you can find it many places. If you're an avid co-washer and don't care about it being rated "moderately hazardous"/that it's not a natural conditioner, then this may be a product of your interest. I don't plan to use it very often, myself, but when traveling this is coming with me, not all my oils that make such a mess. Lol.

Don't know what co-washing is?

No need to be bashful about it. Co-washing is short for conditioner washing. It means instead of washing your hair with shampoo, you use conditioner to do so. It's popular because it cleanses your scalp just as well and helps your hair retain more moisture. Just be careful as it can leave you with a lot of build up over time. If this happens, use some shampoo or add some baking soda to the conditioner for a "clarifying" co-wash.


Unknown said…
I love this product I used it last week and last night. It works wonders. The results are posted on my blog in a previous post.
Shawnystheone said…
I used it last week and I love it!!! Its soooo creamy and once rinsed my hair remained very soft!!!
Dwana said…
I've used the Almond & Shea Butter Conditioner as a pre poo & co washing my weave. I have ventured off to something else but I'm pleased with the results.