Quick Beauty Tip: Reduce Bags Under Your Eyes

Hate those puffy bags you get under your eyes when you wake up in the morning?

Ladies, here's a quick beauty tip that I learned recently. I learned of it from a guest doctor on The Dr. Oz Show (Luv that show! You learn so much.) earlier this week.

The puffiness is fluid that collected there and didn't drain properly. The doctor on the show said a helpful remedy to this is to sleep with your head slightly elevated to help that area drain the fluid properly. Put a small/thin pillow under the main pillow you sleep on at night. Make sure it's not too fluffy and big though or it may be uncomfortable for your neck. She also mentioned in addition to this, to make sure that you are either sleeping on your side or your back. This helps with the draining as well.

I don't know about you all, but I DETEST those bags in the morning so that night, ya grl got right to it and put a thin pillow under my main pillow I sleep on.

The ish WORKS.

The next morning, my eyes were waaaaay less puffy, if at all, when I woke up. It's the little things that get me excited and not waking up to bags under my eyes is cause for celebration. I had a goooood day that day. Lol. I've been doing it ever since and same results as the first time I tried it. It's a keeper in my life. Might I also add, since doing this my face is also less puffy [in the morning] too. Woot! Woot!

Who says we can't look beautiful when we wake up in the morning, eh? :D


Chrissystina said…
I read YEARS ago that this is one of Halle Berry's little tricks! Now that I'm getting older and the stress is getting bigger, my eyes are so much darker. I gotta try this!
Liz K said…
Thanks I was just talking about this. I will def be trying. Thanks for the tip.
Unknown said…
great tip, i will be trying it!
Lady Kinnks said…
uh, who would have thought?