What's Goin On

TGIF Kurlies!!!!

So I'm sure you've noticed that posts weren't as forthcoming this month. This month has been crazy busy for ya grl.

Sofysticated Phunk is Taking Off!!!!
I've been going extra hard in the pursuit of a full time job still and the fabric earrings are really starting to pop off (last month you all were buying like crazy. THANK YOU!!!). I feel like I can't create them or the continual design ideas that keep popping into my head spontaneously, fast enough. Lol. I've been passing out cards like crazy and discovering more and more avenues to get them more exposure. My next goal is getting them into some boutiques in BK and the City (like Soho). I'm currently working on developing packaging for them and creating about 10 styles for the Henri Bendel Open See next week. The make up jobs are starting to pick back up as well and I couldn't be happier.

Lean Mean Writing Machine
I've also been busy with writing and meetings for EXUDE magazine, which I am the Sr. Beauty Editor for. Things have been a buzz b/c we are launching our official website next month! We were a blog up until recently and we're really excited to be "official" so we've all been writing ferverently to kick off the launch. With an official site, we're now planning shoots and editorials so we've been checking out tons of awesome designers to pull looks. I will definitely let you all know the details of when things will kick off. It's so exciting! I can't say it enough. I've been blessed to network with and meet some really cool people from this experience.

STOP! Giveaway Time!
Well ladies, we have reached 350 followers; actually 353 as of when I'm writing this post. Woo hoo! As always, thank you for checking out this space on the internet and I hope in some way that it has inspired you some. So as promised, I will have another giveaway coming up. I actually have a couple coming up. :D Stay tuned for them.

Where Are the Make Up Look Posts?!!!!
I haven't forgotten about the make up look posts. Just haven't had the time to get to them but they haven't been abandoned! May not get to them till next month as I'm preparing for this Open See next week. Bear with me ladies!

Twists Challenge Updates
Last update: who else is happy spring begins tomorrow? *Raises hand* I am and in celebration, I have decided to end my Personal Twists Challenge today, one week early from when I originally said I would end it which was next Friday, April 1st. If you ladies want to continue on till next week, go right on. I thank you all that joined me and held me accountable! I needed it b/c I would have never followed through without you all. I should have my last update/wrap up thoughts for this challenge up by the end of the weekend.

Now go have a naturally fly weekend. The weather here in NYC has been fab these past few days. :D


Manecoarse said…
Congratulations on all of your successes! You deserve it.
Candice said…
Congrats on everything, girl! Make it happen!
Anonymous said…
impressive....really good for you...enjoy your hardwork!!!
Jc said…
Keep up the hard work!
Da Jadedpoet said…
Wow super congrats girl!! I'm so proud! *wipes away tear* :-)
Mop Top Maven said…
Congrats Milan!! I am glad Sofysticated Phunk is taking off!