Crown & Glory for Life?

With the creation of the WL Hair Challenge, you saw in my game plan that I will be implementing the Crown & Glory Method/Technique quite a bit till my hair grows to my waist. My hair thrives and flourishes off of this technique. If you followed my hair journey last year, then you remember early on, this fared well for me and my hair grew like a weed. Not that it's not growing now but I noticed how well my hair was doing when I was crochet braiding my hair every 6-8 weeks over the winter months.
I've come to the realization that the Crown & Glory will probably be a permanent part of my lifestyle like eating and breathing. Any other C&G Ladies for Life? Lol. Sounds like a club or group, huh?

Don't know what the Crown & Glory Method/Technique is?

In short summary, it is a cycle of braiding (or twisting) your hair up and leaving it that way for anywhere from 1-2 months, then leave your hair loose for anywhere from 2 weeks - 2 months, and then braid (or twist) it back up and so on and so forth. You can learn more about it at  Please know you can modify this to your hair. Some use this technique with twisting and leave their twists in in for 2-3 weeks, take them out and let the hair "breathe" for a few days to 3 weeks, and then re-twist again like I do. It's just a way to manipulate your hair less so it can grow uninhibited.


1xellus1 said…
Milan, I know just what you mean. My hair likes to be left alone. I usually retain the most length using this method. What scares me are the inevitable tangles. Daily manipulation helps me to get rid of shed hair preventing the tangles. I'm going to have to find a happy medium btwn these methods. Braiding once a week is working for me now. Mane 'n Tail detangler and patience is helping me w/ the tangles in the meantime.
Unknown said…
I believe i'm going to join I will email you my pictures by the end of this week if I finally decide. is that ok?
Milan said…
Yeah 1xellus1, it's all about tweeking it to fit your hair's needs.
Savannah said…
I'm with you. The more I leave my hair alone, the more she seems to flourish. I plan on doing something similar to C&G for the summer (now August)and then wearing kinky twists thru the Fall. Right now I'm still rockin a twa (2- 3 in all over)but I hope to hit shoulder length by the end of the year.
Anonymous said…
I have been doing this since 2008 I never knew there was a name for it but it does work. The only thing I don't do is leave my hair out for 2 weeks it's too hard to maintain but I have been going on five months since I actually let my hair take a breather I'm not going until it gives me another inch which may take 2 MORE MONTHS but im also doing greenhouse bagging oil treatments on my Braids before washing cowashing warm air blow drying before rebraiding 1 braid at a time taking flaxseed oil pills washing every 2 weeks tying up every night and a comb hasn't touched my hair in 3 months.

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