Easy Up-Do

If you follow me on Twitter, then you already saw this do, the day I donned it. This is definitely going in the style arsenal.

I was inspired to try this style when I saw the fly lady below (the one on the left) rocking it on Le Coil. They were sharing the picture from its original source: Kwesi Abbensetts photography blog (awesome blog by the way).

Photo Credit: Kwesi Abbensetts


I couldn't see what was going on in the back of her hair (it looks like it's in a bun maybe?) so I tweaked it.

All I did was leave a large section out in the front, pin the back up into a french twist, and then roll that large section in the front back and pin it down to create a hump. Simple, right?

It's spicier than the basic bun and is great at protecting your ends since they're all tucked away. You can easily dress this style up with a menagerie of different accessories like hair flowers, bows, or various earring styles.

Try it out.

Earrings are by who else, http://www.sofysticatedphunk.etsy.com/, naturally. :D This is a new style I will be introducing to the shop. I am actually off to add new styles to the shop and snap pics of new styles now.

Have a naturally fly weekend!


Anonymous said…
I've never commented before, but this just made me have to drop a line. This style is absolutely gorgeous. It's simple but chic. I don't know how to do a french braid though. is that the same thing as a regular braid? I've been natural for 10 1/2 months big chopping without any transition phase so my hair is only to the middle of my neck but super super thick! I loved your twist challenge and I might do that this summer, I just don't have time to do the twist myself b/c I'm in law school and super super busy unfortunately. And it cost like $60 to have someone do it for you!!!
Da Jadedpoet said…
Yooo I've done this style too!! ^_^ Its really cute , simple and funky! I added the pic on natural sunshine but I love yours much better LOL. I still struggled with what to do with the back of my hair but you gave me a great idea but I will have to learn how to do a french twist!

BTW you look beautiful as always! :-)
That's so funny!! I just did this today!!!!! I love how it looks. I actually recorded it too, but not sure when it will be going up. Looks so cute on you mama. Where are you? Missing your vids.
Milan said…
TheStar: Thanks for leaving a comment! Glad you enjoyed the twists challenge. Twists are definitely a great, carefree style.

Jaded: Hey girlie! Thanks for your kind comment. I love this style and how easy it is. PS. You don't know how to french twist?! It's so easy. It's a frensh roll but tighter and smaller.

Marsha: Hey missy! Yes, I know I've been absent on the Tube. Been busy looking for a job. Haha. I did some vids but haven't gotten around to even editting them yet. I'm around here mostly now. Can't wait to see your vid on the style.
This looks so cute on you!

I'll definitly try it when I get enough length to do updo's!
Anonymous said…
wow your skin is lookin A-mazing!!!