I Luuuuuuv Grapeseed Oil!

It never leaves my hair feeling greasy. EVER. I love sealing with it. This is monumental for me b/c as much as I luv oils, I can't seal with most of them, even in small amounts. My hair doesn't absorb them all and I'm left with greasy hair. And that's so not the bizness so usually I just use these oils to condition with or in my various conditioning concoctions. But not with grapeseed oil; I can seal daily. It's doing great things for my hair when I use it daily :D I'm so happy about this.

As I talked about before on here it also makes a good heat protectant. I finally got to try it out for myself when I blew out my hair (on low heat setting) recently for tiny twists. My hair felt really soft and smooth. It didn't feel dry either. Score.

And I'm luvin it on my skin. I now do the OCM (oil cleansing method) with just this oil and my face just glows even more now.

Do you have an oil you're just darn near in luv with?

PS (I got some red palm oil which is the same as "batana" oil. Can't wait to try it and share my thoughts with your guys.)


LOL I love your oil obsessions!

I've heard great things about Grapeseed and always recommend it to people, but I really haven't tried it? LOL.

This is my motivation! I'm going to get some! All the oils I've used have made my hair feel greasy as well

Anonymous said…
grape seed oil is great!
Niki Tasha said…
I was going thru my stash earlier this week and found a bottle of grapeseed oil...super siked cause I have not been using it for months but its def back in rotation now.

It really is a good oil!
Unknown said…
That's great It's even a heat protectant. I love oils so far I have tried,Castor, coconut Sweet almond. my favorite is castor but I can't wait to run out so I can buy either avocado oil or grapeseed.
Zabouloum said…
Palm oil is the best of the best for my hair.
After palm oil, Grapeseed oil (perfect for sealing and moisturizing hair without a greasy feeling as you've said) and Castor oil in this order!
Strangely, I hate coconut oil and my hair doesn't like shea butter.
Shawnystheone said…
castor oil is my love! However I love them all but castor oil is number one,

I apply on wet hair and go, or steam with a castor oil blend, or heck twist with wet hair and castor oil. my hair just loves it!

I feel your excitement
Tiffany said…
Normally oils just sit on my hair, annoying. I'm gonna try this. I purchased some grapeseed at WalMart ages ago and I've just been mixing with it. And whats this OCM? did I miss a post about.
Mop Top Maven said…
Tell me about it! I love it too! I like it as a skin moisturizer as well. I have oily, acne prone skin; so using this light oil [that naturally has astringent properties] keeps my face in the clear! [knock on wood]
Jazz said…
Wow, looks like I should buy some!!!