Is Batana Oil Another Name for Red Palm Oil?

I put up a post this past Saturday talking about oils. I listed batana oil as one of the oils I wanted to try. I first learned of batana oil on Long Hair Care Forum and have been on the hunt for some since. Batana oil is used in Ojon products and Ojon employs the Miskito Indians, who are indigenious to Honduras, to produce the oil for their products. A member on the forum was saying that they have almost a monopoly on the oil and that it's hard to find but that it's so good. Batana oil is said to give the hair great shine, smoothes and softens hair, protect it from the hot sun and even helps strengthen it some.

One of our fly readers, SummerRuby, dropped by and shared on that post that batana oil is another name for (red) palm oil. Werd? When I read that, I knew I had to get my research on to see if she was for real.

After doing my research, I found that this may just be true. Batana oil is what Hondurans call it. The oil is extracted from pine nuts that grow on the Ojon tree. So, I think that batana oil is their colloqial name for palm oil. I did more research and looked at the ingredients on the Ojon Restorative Treatment and found that they also call the oil Palm Oil. I'm still researching some more but it's all leading to what SummerRuby pointed out. Thanks for sharing that bit of information miss!

So, it looks like I can try "batana" oil afterall. I'll be purchasing some red palm oil in the near future and share my thoughts.

You guys are the best. I appreciate all your comments and enjoy the knowledge we exchange with each other. :D


Anonymous said…
Hi there! I am from Honduras and red palm oil is NOT the same as Batana (the main ingredient used in Ojon products). there are different species of palm oil. the most commonly known is the species from Africa that is yellow in color and pretty inexpensive. then there is natural red palm oil used a lot for cooking African recipes. Batana oil is the American Palm oil that is ONLY found in Central American rain forests and harvested by the Miskito Indians of Honduras. it is a thick brown paste with a distinct coffee/tobacco smell. Just thought I'd clear that up, b/c my grandma is half Miskito and even she says it is very hard to come by.
Milan said…
Hey, thanks for dropping by and sharing that insight! I don't know if you read my red palm oil post but it was a disaster! Lol. I wish batana oil wasn't so hard to come by. I still want to give it a try.
Unknown said…
You can buy Batana oil from Dr. Sebi from Honduras.
Unknown said…
You can buy Batana oil from Dr. Sebi.

I agree, Batana Oil is not red palm oil. And it is not so hard to find nowadays. And yes, you can purchase it from Dr. Sebi's website but look at the ingredients, it is not 100% pure. If you want the real 100% Pure Batana Oil from the tropical rainforest of Honduras visit you can also contact for more questions. You can also find it on