Mixtress Chronicles: My Latest Henna Mix

I haven't done a henna post in a while and thought I'd provide some updates on my latest one I did the beginning of this month.

First off, I hadn't done one in forever. The last henna treatment I did was back in January right before I started my Personal Twists Challenge. So it's been long over due (I usually do them every 1-2 months) for one.

My latest and favorite mix as of now is the following recipe:
  • 1 cup (my hair is getting longer) Nupur Henna
  • enough Coconut milk until a pudding consistency is reached
  • 1 Tbsp whatever Oil I feel like using (this time I used castor oil)
  • 1 Tsp Honey
That's all folks. This mix makes my hair feel heavenly and the coconut milk makes the rinse out process friggin phenominal. The henna rinses out so easily and with one run through of cheapie conditioner: Suave Almond & Shea Butter conditioner, I'm good to go.

My hair had already gotten thicker as a result of my personal twists challenge so after the henna treatment, my hair feels even fuller now. I effin luv it. And of course, my hair received the usual effects of henna: softens my hair, my strands feel very smooth, and excellent kurl definition.

Sorry I don't have pics. I erased them by accident when I was taking pics at my BFF's wedding a couple weeks back. Next henna treatment will be next month sometime and I'll try to remember to take pics then.


Mop Top Maven said…
Ok!!! Great minds think alike!!! I may have to try the addition of Coconut Milk...and where do you get your Nupur Henna? I have heard good things about it!!

I want to do a twist challenge too...I think that's the only way I will reach WL.
Milan said…
I think you will like it! Ugh, it just makes my hair feel so good. Lol. Yes, Nupur is great. I luv it b/c it has other conditioning, ayurvedic herbs added to it. I got mine at my local Indian grocery store. You can get it online too. The only site I know for sure that sells it is Amazon. HTH!
Unknown said…
I love Khana Panka they have a lot of brands of Henna, you can buy in single 2's,6's 9's at a great price! I am into trying different brands of henna to cover my 61 year old gray hair! I like Jamila, but on me too coppery orange! I tried MDH great color, Dulhan another great color release, but I think you cannot go wrong with Nupur, because it has all them Indian herbs, and Aloe, I always add a teaspoon of Blackstrap Molasses, and a teaspoon of sugar, I found the honey bleached my color out! I do a pre shampoo weekly with mustard oil, olive oil, and coconut oil for a hour. I love Hello Hydration Conditioner !