My Hair: Challenge: Waist Length in 2 Years!

Waist Length In 2 Years Or Bust!

Me and my girl were on the phone the other day and we decided it would be fun to challenge ourselves to grow out our hair to our waists in 2 years. She has locs that have been in for year. I've been natural for one year and some change.

I'm so excited to do this, as I've never had hair longer than APL-arm pit length. We'll be doing six month progress/length checks. I'll see if she would be willing to share pics on here so I can share both of our progress updates with you all.  Obviously a lot of protective styles will be involved. I'll share my game plan in another post. It's quite simple and to the point. Official starting pics and my plan of action soon to come.

So we're claiming it: by April 5th, 2012 we both will have waist length, beautiful, natural hair :D

Any other takers? LET'S GO!


MissBrandiss said…
Milan! I have faith in you girl! LOL
Waistlength is an attainable goal, and would force me to stay on top of my regimen (hair and health) and not fall by the wayside being lazy. I don't know! And you're right this would be alot of protective styling. I would probably use twists with and without extensions... IF I did decide to commit to that.

Good luck girlie!

SN--> Detangling waistlength hair would take HOURS!! LOL
Milan said…
Girl you aint said nothin but a word! The detangling sessions aren't going to be a joke! LOL. I wouldn't keep it waist length. Just want to say I could and did have hair that long. Once I reached it, I'd probably cut it back to like BSL. I can live with that.

Join us! Join us! Join us! Lol. I'm going to do a post about my game plan but it will rely heavily on twists (no extensions). I'm excited. I really think I can get it in 2 years if I protective style like a mutha.
Jc said…
I have never grown my hair past 16 inches. The knotting is too much for me - we are talking 3-4 knots on a single strand! I cut back to around 10-12 inches because this is the most managable length for me.

Questions - how long is your hair now? Is waistlength 12 inches away?

I do wish you good luck and great moisture!
Sheila said…
Awesome challenge, Im in! Especially if it involves twists, yay. After your first twists/braids challenge, I decided to continue to wear the mini twists b/c now I just love them. If it wouldn't have been for your challenge I would have never tried it out. Thanks hun!!! I will document on my fotki as usual : ). Patiently awaiting the details.
Anonymous said…
im up for the challenge! my hair is about shoulder length when streched. i've been natural all my life but i never really taken care of my hair; i hardly ever keep my hair in protective styles. so i plan to have a growth challenge but i do not think i could reach waist length because that would be very hard for me but also because i am very tall. so i plan to reach bsl in 2 years. i'll keep you posted.
Milan said…
Awesome Sheila! Guidelines will be coming up in the next post.

That's ok ChyeahBella. Join us anyway!

Thanks Jc! My hair is shoulder length stretched/straightened. From that length I measured 12 inches to my natural waist.
naturallady said…
That does sound like a good plan especially if it is attainable. I am on the train with you, even if I just make it to the middle of my back, I am tall too. Waiting for the game plan, I will do some tweeking just for my own hair needs. Let the growing begin!
XxXDeannaXxX said… I too late? awh i hope not :( My hair is Bra Strap Length right now and im going natural starting 2marrow :)So no heat! I'm gonna drink plenty more water as well. Besides that and the basics...I think thats it! :)