My Hair: Luv Shealoe For Sealing and Definition

Is shea butter too heavy for your hair? It is for mine. My hair doesn't absorb this popular butter (or practically an butter for that matter) so it builds up and leaves my hair greasy, weighed down, and feeling ewww.

I've always known that to get your twist outs, braid outs, or any other styles where you "set" your hair, to get the bomb hold and definition, you should use a butter or a gel with hold. My hair doesn't fare well with either of these products: gives my hair major build up.

So I made and tried shealoe recently on dry, stretched hair for tiny twists. Well, the tiny twists were supposed to stay in for 2-3 weeks but I started missing my hair something terrible and 2 days after I had spent 2.5 hours doing them, I took the bad boys out. :p I'm whack, right? Lol. But ya girl has been having super hair days since taking the twists down.

The hold, definition and softness is off the chizz-ain. I haven't been sleeping with my sleep cap on (naughty me but I've been sleeping with my hair sans sleep cap a lot lately. Another post on that.) and 3 days later (shown in pic above), my hair still has pretty good definition and I'm far from a delicate sleeper.

WHAT'S SHEALOE? Some of you may be asking. Shealoe is a mixture of shea butter and aloe vera gel. I make mine equal parts shea butter to aloe vera gel but I advise you play with the ratio till you get the results that you like. Optional: add a lil of your favorite oil if you like. (I was using up the last of my Peace Love & Sunshine Coconut Confidence so my shea butter already had coconut oil in it. Next time I make a batch, I may try a diff oil like avocado oil.)

So try it out if you like. My hair is in luv. I finally found something that gives me hold, definition and softness without greasiness and build up. :D

Do any of you already use and luv shealoe?


Zabouloum said…
I can't mix the both together: I always have two phases. So, how do you proceed please? With the shea butter mixed directly with the aloe vera gel or the butter is melt before adding the gel? I have tried the both without any success...
shellsea said…
I'm curious to read your post on the sleep cap. I cannot for the love of my hair keep anything on my head overnight.

To make this shealoe mix, is it best to use store bought Aloe gel as opposed to usung it straight from the leaf?
Your hair looks great!! And yeah, I was just about to say...didn't you say you were going to keep those twists for close to a month? LOL

I have never used shea + aloe, only used the two together, however, I am going to see what I can mix together! I'll let you know how it works out.
Moni said…
I love shealoe, especially when my hair was at that length. My current batch is also made with Shea Butter from Peace, Love & Sunshine, but I mixed it with aloe vera juice. Also, you could try sleeping on a satin pillow. I find that the satin cap sometimes smooshes my hair too much when I'm wearing out styles, so I sleep with my hair out on a satin pillow instead.
Milan said…
Heeeey Moni: I always luv your input :D Yeah, I'm so over the sleep cap; it def smooshes my out styles. I am cool enough to be sleeping on a satin pillow case at least. Haha.

Zabouloum: Trying whipping the shea butter first (I don't melt mine)with a hand or standing mixer, then add the aloe vera gel in gradually and whip again till you get a creamy consistency. Hope this will work for you.

Yes L. Michelle: I'm crazy. Lol. They were supposed to be in a while and I didn't last more than 2 days!

Shellsea: The answer to your question, in my opinion, it depends on how fast you would use up a batch. Aloe vera gel straight from the leaf from my understanding has a short shelf life and spoils fast. So if you weren't going to use the mixture up in a time sensitive manner, I would get a store bought one that has a little preservative added. I use J/A/S/O/N 98% Aloe Vera Gel.
Nika said…
your hIR LOOKS LOVELY! gonna gives this a try.
Zabouloum said…
It works! thank you so much!
1xellus1 said…
never tried this. but i will give it a whirl. thanks for sharing

i can never sleep in "out" styles. i must rebraid, knot or twist otherwise, i get mad tangles. i would just do 4-6 braids, knots or twists & then wear the bonnet. idk that a satin pillow would help as my pillow is usually on the floor by morning. LOL maybe satin sheets? although i myself might be on the floor by morning. LMFBO
Gia said…
hmmm this sounds like a good balance because like your hair- mine does not work well with pure shea butter...the sad thing (really sad) is hubby cleaned fridge and we just threw out the rest of AVG because I couldn't find a reason to use it. IF ONLY I had read this post yesterday, I could have actually given it a :)
Thanks for the info. I'm going to try this out.
I'm going to try this on my boy's hair. I have all the ingredients on hand too. Woot!
Efe said…
I'm in love with shealoe! I use it on my hair and skin in the winter.

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