My Oils Checklist

I've always luv'd oils especially for what they've done for my face, skin and hair but ya girl is about to get deeper in this ish. It's fast becoming another one of my "things" that I like blowing my money on. I've taken up collecting different oils and creating various oil blends. Now that I've recognized I'm turning into an oil junky, I've got a long list of them to buy, try and mix. The mixtress inside of me is dancing like James Brown.

Current Oils In My Possession:
  • Castor Oil: One of my absolute favorite oils. I luv how thick and smooth it is and it's so good at sealing in the moisture for my hair esp in the cold months. I also use it to clean my face with the OCM (oil cleansing method).
  • EVOO: When I'm too broke to buy my other oils, I can always afford this one! I use this oil for everything- removing make up, conditioning my hair, sealing, shine, if I don't have my castor oil on me I oil cleanse with this alone with great results, etc.
  • Grapeseed Oil: Just got this oil the other day and I'm luving it already. It's light and absorbs easily. I like that b/c that means it won't weigh my hair down or build up as much if I were to use it frequently. I used it on my face last night with great results. It absorbs so well. The bottle/brand I got resists heat up to 350 degrees F so it will be a decent heat protectant for me any time I lightly blow dry my hair for tiny twists
  • Jojoba Oil: It's a light oil and is closest to natural oil, sebum, our scalp/skin produces. My scalp doesn't like anything on it but this is the only oil that it will tolerate if I just HAD to put something on it. But I'm just eh about it. I'm using it up on my face since it seems to fancy it.

Need to Re-Up On
  • Coconut Oil: This oil is my bay-beeeee! My face and skin luvs it and who can resist that yummy coconutty scent? It instantly transports me to somewhere sunny and tropical. Ok, maybe not instantly but it makes me think of dacquiries and beaches. It's my absolute favorite hair conditioner. It nourishes, conditions, softens and gives my hair crazy shine/sheen. It also helps protect your hair from free radicals and hydral fatigue (which means making sure your hair doesn't absorb TOO much water which can damage your hair big time). I mix it with EVOO to make Olicoco Oil which is even better. I want to mix it next with avocado oil to make Avococo Oil. Lol.
  • Avocado Oil: I started being cheap and stopped buying this one even it was so good to me! My relaxed hair THRIVED off of it and was part of the reason I was able to stretch my relaxers longer which lead to part of my decision to go natural. :D This oil does great things like coconut oil does and also helps protect your hair from the hot sun rays.
  • Sweet Almond Oil: Another oil that was a casualty of my cheapness. Smh. I like this oil b/c of it's light yet luxuriously smooth consistency. I used to use it in the summer months to seal in the moisture on my skin after a shower. It really did make my skin feel luxuriously soft and smooth. It gave it a great glow which looks awesome in the summer when you're showing more skin. It also makes a good conditioner for the hair too; I used to pre-poo with it a lot back in the day. When I re-buy I will more than likely mix it with other oils as opposed to using it alone.

Want to Try
  • Safflower Oil: I need to research this oil more. I've always known of it but didn't know anyone to use it on their hair till I was watching one of  Taren916's vids on Youtbue. She was sharing how she used it on her hair and why she liked it so it's now made it on my list.
  • Batana Oil: If I can get my hands on some! It's really hard to find this stuff. This is the coveted oil in Ojon products. The company has a friggin monopoly on this oil and its production so it's hard to find others who have a way to get some. But I will persevere. I've heard great things about this oil (post on it in the future) and I want some!
  • Sunflower Seed Oil: This is the oil recomends you blend your castor oil with b/c it gives the overall blend a more smooth consistency. My current OCM blend is castor oil and EVOO so I want to compare the difference in the mixtures. Maybe castor oil with this oil is better.

A lot, right? Don't worry there are more and when I think of, discover, or remember more of them; I will add them to the list. Oils have done more for my face, skin and hair than any commercial product be it expensive or inexpensive. So, this is another hobby to add to my list. :D Have a great Easter weekend all!


Anonymous said…
hmmm.. i haven't tried castor oil yet i've heard LOTS of good things about it. where do you buy your grapeseed oil/what brand do you buy? i've seen that its a good heat-protectant.
i'm planning on trying avocado oil soon. & i just love almond oil it is a bit pricey, but my hair loves it.

Happy Easter!
SummerRuby said…
Hey, about the batana oil...just to let you know, batana oil is actually just a really fancy name for red palm oil, which is pretty affordable and very easy to find (you can find it at health food stores--you could also just use the Spectrum organic shortening if that's more available to you, since that's just pure palm oil). =]
Unknown said…
I am SO with you! I definitely need to re-stock in the oil dept. I have castor, EVOO, Coconut and a corner of jojoba left (lol). I've been wanting to try sweet almond, so I'll grab a bottle of that soon.
Milan said…
.cris. I bought the grapeseed oil at my a grocery store. I don't remember the brand and am not near the bottle but the brand isn't important. Just make sure you get 100% pure grapeseed oil.

SummerRuby, really? Thank you for sharing that. I will definitely look into it. This made my day!

LadyCook, sweet almond oil is so smooth. I luv its consistency.
NewRibena said…
I absolutely love my Jamaican Black Castor oil and my coconut oil. Recently I splurged and started using Japanese camellia kissi oil and love it for it's lightness. I used to be a lotion junkie but now I'm experimenting with using oils on my skin as instead.
Deborah said…
Very informative blog. I enjoyed reading yours. I am going to follow your blog and hopefully you will follow me as well. Thanks for sharing so much information on hair care.
Anonymous said…
I just stocked up on coconut, jojoba, and grapeseed. I'm on the lookout for some castor oil. Especially for it's hair growth benefits.

BtoC said…
I was just curious where do yo get your oils, extracts, and shea butter...etc. From.