My WL Hair Challenge Plan of Action

So I announced the Waist Length Hair Challenge (I gave it its own topic on here for easy reference: Hair Care: WL Hair Challenge) to you guys that me and my friend challenged ourselves with and again, welcome any of you to join us. Please Click Here for the guidelines if you are interested in growing along with us.

This is crazy. I can't believe I agreed to this challenge. I don't really want hair that long but I've never had hair this long in my life and want to prove a point to myself: that I'm capable of having hair that long. So I want to try something new to say I did it.

Quick Stats on My Hair:
-Current Length: Shoulder Length (last checked in March)
- I have 12in left till my hair will reach my waist (so that equals out to at least 6" per yr)
- My hair should be Arm Pit Length by the end of the year

My Plan of Action
  • LOTS of protective styling going down: I won't confine my hair to being up all 365 days of the year but most of its time (weekdays) will be in the following styles. 
    • Twists: I luv that I can leave them in for up to 3 weeks doing virturally nothing to them but moisturizing them. They are the epitome of "get up n go" hair and I luv how they look on me. The longer my hair gets, the more styles I will be able to create with them.
    • Braids: This summer I want to play around with different cornrow hairstyles.
    • Buns & Up Dos: I would rock my hair in various types of these styles all week and treat myself to wearing my hair out on the weekends.

  • I'm thinking about maintaining straight hair at various times in the cold months/winter and wearing it in various up-dos to keep the ends protected. Just to change it up from time to time. I would straighten my hair without direct heat via: rollerset and silk wrap which I affectionately call the "RSW Method". This method gets my koily hair straight with great body and shine and I don't risk employing heat damage. Next time I do it, I will provide pics and a tutorial on how I do mine.
And that's it. No, seriously, that's it.

Keeping my hair moisturized, ends sealed and tucked away, and manipulating my hair as little as possible is the name of this game. These practices will ensure that I keep most (if not all) of my length. Happy Hair Growing ladies!


Jc said…
I believe you can do it! Your goals sound realistic and the plan sounds simple.

I'm not interested in growing my hair longer but I will definitely be following your journey and all the lovely ladies who have joined in.
Mop Top Maven said…
I'm IN!!! I think I am going to try this..I have never had hair this long in my life either!

Love the simple regimen too...I may have to try it out!!
Anaysa said…
I'm in!...well.. I'll try bsl in 2 years(im only a little past twa)
Jennell said…
ditto anaysa cause i bc'd twice before cause of lack of education and boredom and ive been contemplating a fade so this will be a nice challenge, I also want to challenge myself to keep in twists cornrows or coils for longer than a week!luckily there are many fab and natural ladies on my campus and one keeps really beautiful twists with versatile styles so thats one of my inspirations... good luck ladies
Sarah said…
I'm doing it for the same reason as you! I don't want hair that long...but my mum doesn't believe that lback hair can grow that long unless you have 'a bit of Indian in you'
Me: ¬_¬
*crickets chirruping*

So yeah, by graduation next year, mine should be armpit length...and the year after that waist length!

And then I chop it off! *evil grin*
LaBoheme said…
sounds like an excellent plan!
shamika said…
im so in!!! last year I wanted to go natural, but i didn have the support, but now i have the will and I have done alot of research so im confident i can do it, and not only that but grow it at least BSL. Right now I have braids, but I'm still doing a regimen: shampoo weekly, and infusium 23 and braid spray. after that, im gonna start a new regimen: cowash and deep conditioner weekly, and bun for growth technique.
im also starting a blog for motivation. please check it out