On the Wish List: Ouidad Double Detangler

I swear LHCF knows how to entice you into trying new things (aka turning you into a hopeless PJ). I found my way over there last week and stumbled on the thread about the Ouidad Double Detangler.

Most kurlies know ease of detangling, removing shed hair and losing minimal hair in the process is the name of our game. It helps us retain our length and prevent knotting. I was all set to cop it at my nearest Sephora till I was hit with the price: $24. Many of the members on the forum stated it's good quality, worked great at detangling and removing the shed hair and that it was worth the investment. I just can't justify paying that much for it just yet. That translates to: I'm broke right now and can't afford it. I don't have any real issues with my detangling sessions now, but I am always interested in trying something that may help me lose even less hair when doing so.

After reading the thread, I also saw that Curly Nikki did a review on the comb as well so check it out when you get a chance. I'm going to wait it out some till I have more money and won't flinch at spending this much so it's been added to my hair care wish list.

Do any of you have this comb? What are your thoughts? Would you invest $24 on a comb if it were good quality and delivered good results?


Unknown said…
The price is a little steep I believe for a comb. are there not good shower combs out there for this purpose also?
Unknown said…
Hey Sister Greek!

I went to Sephora today after reading your post because they have a 15% off coupon right now, so the comb came to 20.00...still a little steep, but you do know that Sephora will let you return anything that doesn't work for you, right!?!?

The lady in the store said that this comb has been flying off the shelves like crazy. When I got mine, there were only two left. So, I will try it and let you know what I think :)
Alice said…
I heard it's REALLY heavy, which kind of defeats the purpose if you have long detangling sessions. Hmm...it looks like you might be able to MAKE your own with two seamless shower combs...Just stick something between the two combs until they're the same distance apart as the Ouidad comb and secure them with something NOT water soluable...

Ta Da! (Potential) Knock-off for super cheap :)

Chrissystina said…
I read comments about this comb on the Sephora site. A lot of people said that it was really havey and too damn big. I wouldn't spend %25 on a comb, though. If it helps, Sephora is having %15 off every product for Beauty Insiders.
*shrugs shoulders*
Balls Of Beauty said…
i hear its heavy too and i cant fade spending $24 on a comb and a 15% discount makin it $20 is no better...half off THEN holla at me!!
Ouidad Blog said…
Thanks for blogging about our Detangler Comb! You can check out a video of Ouidad herself using the comb right here:


We also have some other cool tools, including a Wide-Tooth comb, on our website:


Let us know if you have any questions!

Katie for Ouidad
I purchased the Ouidad after reading Curly Nikki's reveiw. I love it! it makes detangling my curly 3c/4a hair a breeze. The weight in the comb is part of the contribution to make detanlging so easy with or without slip in the hair.