Product Review: Nubian Heritage Olive & Green Tea Lotion

This is a great lotion for those with dry skin, like mine, that craves lots of moisture. I like this Olive and Green Tea one because it's very moisturizing and leaves my skin so soft, smooth and moisturized. I really like the scent of this one and it has a delectably rich, thick, and creamy consistency. The only thing that I don't like about this product is that it's not in a jar. The product is very thick and can be hard to get out of the bottle. I take the top off and get the lotion out that way. Nubian Heritage if you're reading this review, please offer this product in a screw top jar as well. If it cost a couple dollars more, I'll pay it for better ease of getting the product out.

These lotions come in other scrumptious scents and for different skin types. I want to try the Coconut & Papaya and the Ivorian Cocoa Butter w/ Milk Chocolate ones next. I really want to try them all eventually. Lol. I'm telling you, they come in some great scents. That's my goal, I will try them all. More reviews to come on these products. They are great quality and this business is a BOB (black owned business) so show your support. The products are worth your dollars.

Check out all the Nubian Heritage products at I luv their soaps as well. I did a review on their Olive & Green Tea soap a while back.


NewRibena said…
Thanks for the review. I also hate fighting to get products out the bottle. I can recall cutting an Aubrey Organics bottle in half to get the rest out...what a bother.