Sleeping Beauty: the Pretty Wrap

I learned of this silk sleep wrap months ago but it popped back into my mind recently. I wanted to highlight them b/c I think they are fabulous and this is a BOB (black owned business). Who says you have to go to sleep unglamorous? You can also wear them around the house, especially if your hair is looking a hot mess, and you can answer the door when unexpected company pops by without running around frantically figuring out what to do with your hair. Come one, I KNOW  I'm not the only one who has been through that before. :D I can see how these could easily be worn during the day for errands or be coordinated with your outfit for the day.

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I definitely plan to purchase a Pretty Wrap in the near future. I may even buy two and do a giveaway.

Support B.lack O.wned B.usinesses! You can learn more about the Pretty Wrap at  Sleep pretty!


Da Jadedpoet said…
LOL mos def, your not alone. I keep a bandanna on hand!
Unknown said…
the silk wrap that i currently use to wrap my hair is so old and's shameful. LOL I may have to look into this one! It's cute!
Savannah said…
Love it! I was just wondering how to keep fly while sleeping on the train!
Anonymous said…
I went to their site and it is down. Do you know where you can get one? I found the kiddiewraps, but thats just for kids.