Sonia Kashuk Out of the Woods Brush Sets

Target is my latest kryptonite these days. I don't need any more brushes but I'm so tempted to get these just because. Lol.

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I was on recently and I couldn't take my eyes off this cute Sonia Kashuk Out of the Woods 6pc brush set (there is also a 4pc set available) for $19.99. They are a limited edition and I luv that they are made of eco-friendly materials like cork, synthetic (and natural) brush hairs, aluminum and real wood; very eco-chic.

This reminds me of the make up looks I promised you all eons ago. Tomorrow, Imma get on it. I also have more WL Hair Challenge starting length entries to post. Stay naturally fly.


vonnie said…
I JUST went to target yesterday and had my mind blown! bought some Sonia brushes, e.l.f. for a fricking DOLLAR, some nail polish, and longingly gazed at the new section with Curls, Shea Moisture, Miss Jessie's, and Jane Carter Solutions. I WILL be all up and through Target on pay day :P
Unknown said…
I like that purse it comes with soo cute.