Want a Bundle of Joy?

Starting today through Monday, May 3rd; NYX Cosmetics presents to to you their "Bundles of Joy". There are offering different cosmetic bundles for sale. I luuuuuv NYX products, especially they're eye products. http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/ for more details.

I like the bundle with their jumbo eye pencils in it. One of my favorites from them. Who's stockin up?!


Tiffany said…
for the life of me I cannot apply eye makeup. for now I get my eyebrows threaded. thats as fancy as a sista is getting until i go to sephora and get skooled!
Unknown said…
I purchased bundles 1, 2,3, & 7. i'm going to depot all of my lipsticks & put them in a palette to dave space.

did you get anything?

Milan said…
Nice Makeup by Kim Porter. I didn't get anything yet. I plan to get the jumbo eye pencil bundle.