A Way to Cleanse Your Scalp in Twists

Many kinky kurlies have twists in their (protective) style tool box and many of you don't wash your hair while you have them in. If you're like me, you don't wash your hair while they're in because they unravel and shrinkage is a mutha (especially if you've stretched your hair out to make the twists longer). I haven't tried this method I came up with yet but I thought it would still be good to share with you all a way to cleanse your hair while in twists.
I was watching a BeautifulBrwnBabyDol (one of my mega hair icons) vid when I had a eureka moment and it hit me how I could at least do a cleansing rinse on the scalp (and twists) without experiencing twists unraveling and maybe even staving off some shrinkage of them: handle the twists like I handle my loose hair for (conditioning and) washing: in Braided sections baby! Aha!

Give it a try.............

1) Braid your twists into sections. You decide how big or small you would like your sections to be. If your twists aren't long enough to braid, you can band (tie ouchless bands around) the sections. Don't know what banding is? Click here for an explanation.

2) Wet hair and scalp in the shower and lighly massage a cleanser of your choice (ACV rinse, shampoo, or co-wash conditioner, etc.) onto your scalp and then rinse it out. Focus on your scalp; when rinsing it out it will slide down your hair and cleanse it. You want to try not to rub too hard when massaging your cleanser so you will reduce frizz (if that's a pet peeve of yours).

3) Apply whatever leave ins you would like (you may have to experiment for a while with what will work best for you while in twists).

4) Re-braid or re-band sections to stretch the twists back out and let air dry over night.

You can try further stretching the twists out by braiding/banding them again the following night. Give it a try and let me know how it goes. The next time I can commit to wearing twists, I am going to try this myself.
Do you ladies do something different to cleanse your scalp (and/or hair) while in twists? Dish!


Unknown said…
I did something similar this past weekend. Cleansed my scalp with castile soap, deep conditioned twists with Aussie 3 Minute Miracle, rinsed out most of the conditioner, sealed with shea butter/oil blend then I banded my hair in sections to air dry. I did get some shrinkage but no unraveling. And because the twists were 3 weeks old they were very frizzy. So I ended up taking each one down and retwisting after they were dry. That gave me my length back and my scalp is clean!
Da Jadedpoet said…
Wow pretty good idea chica! If I treat them like braids I may get pretty good results. If my hair is twisted I like to spray my leave in-moisturizer in. From growafrohairlong.com there was the infusium 23/african royale braid spray I believe. I mixed them both in a bottle together and sprayed my hair daily. Hmmm I may go gun-ho and twist my hair up and try this out, concentrate on the scalp only, like I did with braids. Thank you. :-) I love beautifulbrowbabydoll as well, she's super inspirational and not just in hair her outlook on life. :-)
THis sounds like a great idea. The reason I don't wash in twists is because of the tangles and loc'ing after I wash. MURDER!!!! I think that's why my new found love was braids for the winter. Twists are so sophisticated, though.
Savannah said…
Thanks for the tip! I may give this a try. I'm working out more so I need to cowash more.Twists are my staple style and I have too much hair to be retwisting every night!
Brittney said…
Great idea im def. going to try it next time I do a twist out or braid out. Where Im from it gets very dry out here! This may help... A LOT!


Chris XOXO
Good idea for cleansing your scalp. I had braids in for a while and when I took them out my scalp was hurting and oily. Next time that happens I'll have to try your cleansing idea.
Anonymous said…
I just washed my twists today. I sectioned my twists & banded each section w/ Goody ouchless bands. Next, I shampoo'ed & did a tea rinse (while in banded sections). After that, I smoothed some leave-in into the twists & sealed my ends with oil. I air-dried (in the bands) & re-did some twists. It turned out nice.