WL Hair Challenge Starting Length Entries Updates

Updates 4/20/10

Five more of you submitted starting pics so check them out:

Tiffany R.


Naturally Flyy from Twitter aka InnovativeThinkin on YouTube


My plan:
Weekly - Wash scalp with one of My Honey Child scalp cleansers, co-wash hair with a light conditioner, deep condition with Heat, thoroughly rinse out conditioner with warm water, then cold water rinse. Apply leave-in conditioner, seal with extra virgin olive oil or a whipped shea butter and coconut oil mix.
Monthly - Henna
As needed - Trim split ends
Styles - Weekdays: Two-strand twists pinned up into styles; Weekends: Twist-Outs, Puffs; Special Occasions: Straight, up-dos, flat-twist outs
How cute. Her pic has inspired me to make my own growth t-shirt to track my progress.


Originally posted 4/13/10: So ladies, I got a bigger response than I thought that I would get from you all. Nice. Thank you to all that have joined and a special thank you to those that were gracious enough to share pics below of their starting length in this challenge. My starting length pic will be coming soon (I'm contemplating straightening my hair for it the next time I wash my hair). Without further ado, I present some of our challengers' starting length pics:
Shahida- you may also know her as 1xellus1

I plan to reach my goal by utilizing protective styling. I will use indirect heat or air drying most of the time. I do not plan to apply direct heat to my hair more than 2-4 times a year.
I co-wash, and deep condition no fewer than once a week. I may wash twice a week, depending on how my hair feels.

I use conditioners and oils to prepoo when my hair feels like it needs it.

I sleep in a satin bonnet.

To detangle, I use Mane N Tail detangler. I am planning to buy Organics for kids Shea Detangler next week.

To moisturize, I use Luster's S Curl Moisturizer and Neutrogena Triple Moisture Silk Leave-In Conditioner.

I oil my scalp with castor oil 2-3x a week. I plan on purchasing authentic Jamaican Black Castor oil when my current supply of regular castor oil runs out.

I seal my ends with various oils depending on what is at hand. Cold pressed Virgin Coconut oil, Mega Care Tea-Tree Oil, Raw Shea Butter.

I am texlaxed. I don't plan to relax more than 2 or 3 times a year. I just completed an 8 month stretch. Wooooo! Hoooo!

Nicole from OHC Beauty

Tiffany N.



Thanks again for sharing ladies!

Mark your calendars: our first progress check in will be 4 months from now in August. I, of course, will post a reminder closer to then. Let's enjoy the ride and grow us some hair!


Tiffany said…
So excited! I'm so winning this challenge. U girls wanna make a wager?! We could all donate our favorite hair care product and ship it to Milan with $2 for her to ship to the winner, we gots w years to save up. Just an idea, cuz every winner likes a prize! I started a blog too, it's new & so fun, check me out: thecurlworld.blogspot.com/
Milan said…
I like the sound of this Tiffany. What do you say ladies? I'm off to check out your blog now. :D

Let's have fun with this!
Anonymous said…
What is texlaxed??
1xellus1 said…
@ Tiffany, sounds like an awesome idea. :O)I'm going to ck out ur blog as well.

Thanks so much for doing this Milan.

@ Anonymous, texlaxed is...
a term generally means the hair is texturized, not bone straight, but still chemically processed for more manageability. Many who self relax choose to have textured hair because it gives the appearance of more volume and body. It is achieved by under-relaxing. i.e. not leaving the relaxer on as long as suggested. HTH (hope this helps)
Fola said…
hey ladies, although i'm not doing the challenge i just wanted to say gd luck!! can't wait to see what happens in the next two yrs.
Unknown said…
i was wondering the same thing..what is texlaxed?? lol oh and i cant see my pic..tear..also i forgot to tell you my plan for the 2 yrs..so i will be washing once a week, wearing protective styles and very little manipulation..using all natural products in my hair, sealing moisture, and keeping ends safe lol
Mop Top Maven said…
I am going to send some starting pics too. I am contemplating straightening as well because I am desperate need of a trim!
1xellus1 said…
I couldn't see Tiffany nor Aubrey's photos either. I thought it was just my computer.
Unknown said…
I'm in as far as gifts are concerned. This is going to be so much fun. I'll post my regimen by this weekend on my blog.


Can't wait to see what else I learn from you ladies.
CurvyCurlyTrini said…
Confession At 1st i was like i don't want to join the challenge, cause i know i would be able to keep. But know i am kinda hype about the challenge.
I goal, i just want Healthy Bra Strap Length Hair.
1xellus1 said…
@CurlyTrini87...I feel you. My hair has been this lenght a lil past SL b4. But I didn't know how to care for it to maintain it. I am a lil nervous, but I am also determined. I think being a part of the challenge is also a way to support & encourage one another. :O)
Anonymous said…
Ok I have been slippin on my submission for my official running for the challenge!!! I wont be able to do waist length because I recently BC'd but I would like to put my bid in for bra strap length, I believe that is more attainable. I will submit my plan and photos tommorrow if thats ok. I as well like the idea of that T-shirt that is too cute yet very CREATIVE!!!! awesome idea.
Good Luck to everyone involved!!!