Back to Henna Glosses

I'm back to henna glosses as opposed to full henna treatments.

What's the reason? The full henna treatments were making my hair too thick. I always wanted thick hair and after doing full henna treatments, I finally got what I wished for and realized that I don't want it afterall. Lol. I have a waaaay better understanding of what you thicker haired ladies are talking about now. My hat truly goes off to you! I still have lots of luv for thick hair but I now appreciate and fully accept my medium density hair. It is just fine by me.

I did a henna gloss recently using the following recipe:

* 2 Tbsp (Nupur-my favorite!) Henna
* 2 Cups (Suave Almond and Shea Butter) Conditioner
* 1 Tsp Oil (it's a homemade oil cocktail I'm using up so I can make an even better one)
* Quick squirt of Honey

I applied it to freshly conditioned and washed, damp hair in sections, covered with a plastic conditioning cap, and sat under the dryer for around 20-30 mins (to speed things up-I hate leaving conditioner or treatments on forever.). From there, I just rinsed it out, lathered with my shampoo once to make sure it was all out, and continued on with my usual airdrying routine.

Note. I don't plan to use conditioner in the future. I just needed to use up the Suave Almond and Shea Butter conditoiner. My future glosses will use yogurt or aloe vera gel instead.
Nothing else has changed as far as how often I henna (1-2 months) just that the treatments are back to glosses which are much lighter but you still receive all the benefits minus the super thickening.


Ada said…
by thickening do you mean hair strands?
Mop Top Maven said…
I have seen a few folks with Honey in their Henna Gloss recipe; would you say that it makes for softer hair?

I am going to give this a shot next time I do my henna gloss!
Milan said…
Yes, honey is a humectant so it attracts moisture to your hair thus softening it. Honey also gives some shine to you hair as well. :D