Educated Purchasing: Research Your Hair Care Product Ingredients

Check out this vid by MahoganyKnots below.

I couldn't agree more with the points she brought forth. You must educate yourself when purchasing your hair care products (Really, this relates to any type of products you spend your money on.). I don't know how many times I've checked out ingredients of products that claimed it was a certain type of product and didn't even contain the ingredient/s that would make it so. They know that most consumers don't read the ingredients list let alone research them and how they may affect us.

You also have to be careful with these "natural" and/or "organic" products. There still aren't a lot of regulations on what is deemed "organic" so some companies have gotten slick by adding a few "organic" ingredients to their products and toting it as an organic product when it isn't, it just has some organic ingredients. Some, for example, may be paraben free but they substitute it with another that is just as harmful. You must do your homework; you can't trust these companies and manufacturers to have your best interest in mind.

Check out their site as well:


Kitshara said…
True, True and True. I've read the ingredients list on some of these no sulfate, no'cone, no paraben hair products and there are still words on the list I can't pronounce. Not to say all chemical sounding ingredients with multiple syllables are harmful but if you dont know what an ingredient is or its purpose, Google is just a few clicks away. In this internet world information is too easy to find not to do your own research.