Hairstyles with EZ Combs

I created this style on a whim. I luv when when this happens because these are usually the dopest styles compared to the ones you planned out (and come out a H.A.M, right?). I did this on hair that was moisturized (with my Shea Moisture Conditioning Milk, of course. Luv that stuff for my hair!) and stretched via a braid out. (You'll see, if you haven't caught on already, that this is the main way I stretch my hair.) You could do this on a twist out, curly fro or bantu knot out too. I used an EZ Comb to pull back the front for a half up, half down look. My bangs are still short some, so I just used a bobby pin to pin down the straggling pieces in the front. Viola!

I found this knock off EZ Comb at one of my local beauty supply stores for 99 cents. I have two of the "official" ones that I got from Walgreens in a 2 pack for $10, before I knew they were selling knock offs at the BSS. Lmao. If you want high quality ones that come in a varitey of sizes, then check out HairZings.

Then I got the idea to pin the ends under for a bun look. I really liked this. #protectivestyle

I know some of you are edges/baby hair freaks. I am not. Lol. So use a lil gel, if that's your thing, to get your sides sleeker. I wasn't going anywhere special but if I wanted to rock this for a dressier occassion maybe then I slick the sides some with AfroVeda PUR Whipped Hair Gelly.

So there ya have it: two simple and chic styles that are oh so easy to create. Either look can be worn with a professional work, formal or casual look. It took me no more than 10 minutes to create these styles.

BONUS: Here's a sneak peak of a new style I'm working on for the shop. This style is called "Origami Fabric Earrings". Be on the look out for styles like these sometime next month.

Next up: The Makeup Show highlights. Yes, I made it there this year!


Chai said…
great style for the Summer! I'm taking a cue, I was SO hot yesterday didn't know what to do with the mass of hair on my head. Pulled back options are always good!!
Brandiss said…
Im luvin the hair style and those earrings! Im sad now! I shoulda waited to place my order :( LOL

Don't get me wrong, I love the pairs I have! :)

I may try that style tonight for when I go bowling.
Anonymous said…
love the hair, LOVE the earrings!
Ada said…
wow your hair looks so lucious
I am so sold on this shea to target to spend the money I dont have
tracyata said…
So cute and/or professional! Take your pick. I ordered hair zings online and then I also found them being sold at Walgreens. I'll have to check out my BSS but I have been rocking these things non-stop to work in order to tuck in my ends on loose hair and get of the house quickly. It works like a charm.
Amina said…
Your hair is so beautiful :)
Wittychiq said…
Hey! Love the earrings! Your hair has grown alot. Love the different styles
Shawnystheone said…
Youve given me some great ideas, I bought one and cant figure out how to use it to save my toes lol.

Great ideas, thanks
Ada said…
so I went and bought the shea moisture. MY GOD. this stuff is the truff, i wanna slap somebody for how soft my hair Its like unreal because most of the liquid moisturizers leave my hair dried out. I applied it to my shrunken coils yesterday and braided my hair in big sections. unraveled it this morning and my heart was filled with sugar. yes it is a keeper!! I think I am gonna hunt down for the curl and
Milan said…
Thanks ladies!

Yes, Ada, that Shea Moisture Conditioning Milk is my STUFF now! Glad it has your hair happy too. :D
I love this style! I am going to check my local BSS and WalGreen's this weekend!
Skeeta said…
UR hair looks awesome.

When u stretch ur hair with braid outs, do u do cornrows or single braids (plaits)?
Milan said…
Skeeta, I do plaits. I'm not the best cornrower. Lol.
Anonymous said…
I hunted and hunted for this post and now the pics are gone! :( Waaah!

But I'm glad I'm not crazy because I knew someone had styled their natural hair with these combs!

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