I Have Enough Hair to Do Buns

My hair continues to grow and grow. It's really starting to get longer (yippeeeeee!) and I finally have enough hair to start rocking buns again. Back in my relaxed days, buns were some of my favorite hairstyles. I like them even more now because they have more texture to them. I luv textured up-dos. :D

I did this bun with about 4 bobby pins to keep the end tucked under. My hair definitely retains more moisture in these kinds of styles.

How I Do Mine

I did the buns pictured on dry, stretched hair.

My hair was freshly conditioned and washed. I air dried in braids using Giovanni Smooth as Silk conditioner and (seal with) homemade shealoe cream. I moisturized each braided section again with the SMCM (Shea Moisture Conditioning Milk) the next day, comb each section out, and gather my hair into a small bun securing with bobby pins usually.

Every night, I take the bun down and re-braid my hair in sections or braid in two french braids. Whether I take the bun down or not at night, I always moisturize and re-bun in the morning.

I luv it. Buns are always chic and you can jazz them up with a plethora of different accessories. You all know I luv big earrings and since summer's right around the corner, I luv rocking hair flowers.

I used two Spin Pins by Goody to create this bun below. A post on these are coming up. The spin pins are awesome and didn't get caught or tangled up in my hair. These pins create a LOOSE bun. Keep that in mind. My bun was secure enough though only using two.

I made the hair flower in this pic. Wanna learn how to make your own? They're super easy and fun to make. Check out my creative blog for instructions. If the instructions aren't there yet, I haven't put the post up just yet. It will be there though!

Overall, I like buns as a protective style when I'm not in twists (missing my hair terribly) bc I still get to feel my hair "out" if that makes any sense. I hate "putting my hair away" for long periods of time. Many kinky kurlies may beg to differ, but you all know how I do. Lol. With buns I have the flexibility that if I want to rock them all week, I can and if I choose to alternate between bunning and wearing my hair out, I can do that too. Cheers to finding what works for you. Gosh it makes you so much happier and carefree.

More bun and up-do styles to come.


Kitshara said…
Your hair is too cute. Keep the style inspirations coming. I cant wait until my twa grows out enough to rock a bun.
Unknown said…
I havent been following your blog posts as religiously as I did when you first started blogging, but I L.O.V.E. the maturity and growth in your hair and your management of it!

These days my hair hides under sew-ins (I'm trying to give my hair a break for a few months), so I can't wait to see where I am length-wise.

Yayy for buns and fro'tails!!!!!!!
Milan said…
Thanks ladies.

Udee: Yes, girl you have been there from the very beginning! I'm surprised you haven't tired of my craziness yet. Lol. I'm all for giving the hair a break. I'm contemplating getting my hair crochet braided sometime this summer so I can get a break too.

Nacala85: You'd be surprised how fast time flies. You'll look up and be able to do one in no time. :D

Laquita: I'm too happy girl!
Makeup Theory said…
Your hair looks awesome. It's growing so much. Only my front seems to be growing. I don't get it.