Interview Hair

I had an interview recently (pray that I secure a job soon!). I had planned to do a different hairstyle that I saw Mahogany Bella of Mahogany Knots rocking in a vid but was suffering some serious (monthly) cramping the day before and just didn't have the energy to prep my hair for it. I came up with this super easy style instead. All it is is a simple bun (put hair in a ponytail and pinned the ends under) in the back with a hump in the front (I put the front section into one big two strand twist and then pinned it back to achieve the hump) and it took me less than 10 minutes to complete. #score

I'm really on this kick, people. Afro textured hair care shouldn't be time consuming (if we don't want it to be) or complicated. Our hair is just as gorgeous and simple to maintain and style too. The key is working with our hair's texture/s and not trying to make it something its not. Besides, hair is dead (once it leaves your follicle/pushes through the scalp). It shouldn't take much to keep it looking good. Less is more!


Skeeta said…
This is super cute and professional, I wish I had enoug hair to tuck, I'm just making it to ponytail! Was ur hair stretched first? Via cornrows or blowout?
Chrissystina said…
Amen, the only thing now that takes me some time is my deep conditioning/ rollersetting. But daily styling? All I need is some bobby pins and any kind of oil, and I'm goooooood.

I love that hairstyle, especially for an interview. On my last interview, I wore a simple high bun. Very conservative, yet still chic and pulled together. Your style does the same! I hope you get the job:-D
I Like that look alot!!! There are really so many things you can do with the pompador (sp??), and still looke edgy or conservative. It's an easy go-to for sure.
Good luck with the interview!!

Da Jadedpoet said…
Love it, go girl!! Your inspiring me to style my hair again, i've gone into a lazy hiding. (via wig) LOL

Once I get the ph of my hair down and my ends moisturized by getting the strips from kimmay, (kimmaytube) then i'll be on my way. :-)
New Day said…
Love the hair & the earrings! I hope the interview went well.
Unknown said…
This is just cute and quite revolutionary in the sense that Black natural-haired women have no excuse to relax thier hair on the pretext of trying to find a 'more professional' style for work.

And your earrings? FAB!!
I really like this. Muey cute. The more my hair grows, the more I can do with it as far as interview hair goes. Thank God cause it is too hot for these Hope you get the job!!!