Kurly Girl Directory: Pretty Natural Divas

If you've been following my blog for a while, then you remember when I used to do these. I'm always finding great sites and blogs for naturals and need to do these kinds of posts more frequently like I used to.

I'd like to take some time to encourage you guys to stop by (and follow) Pretty Natural Divas

They're an awesome blog/site created and run by two college kurlies, Jameka and Sierra. If you're into cool graphic t-shirts, then you will adore their shop that is stocked with kinky kurly inspired t-shirts. They were so kind to let me pick a t-shirt from their shop. Thanks ladies!

Me, being the "crafty" spirit that I am, decided since it's warm out to turn this bad boy into a tank top.

To see how the original t-shirt looked, click here

I def feel like a "pretty natural diva" in it. :D

Check them out: PrettyNaturalDivas.com
They're also on Twitter: PNDESTORE


Oooh, I'm gonna order me one.
misslycia said…
How cool! I was looking for some "natural" t-shirts to rock this summer. Thanks!