Learn Your Hair Texture with the LOIS System

I did a post on this last year but I found this vid below that explains the system so well. I'm not a huge fan of Andre Walker's system b/c I feel it's too broad and merely classifies the hair pattern and that's it. It really doesn't get down to the different characteristics of people's hair. In my opinion, the other properties of your hair's texture are way more important because they better help you in selecting hairstyles and products and how to care for and handle your hair. I just found LaBellaNatural and am luvin her channel and her hair.

Check out the detailed vid she did on the LOIS System.

After watching this vid, I'm kinda confused about if my texture is spongy or cottony. Lol. I used to swear by it being spongy but when she started talking about some of the other qualities of spongy hair, now I'm not so sure. I'm still sure of everything else: Daughter O(S), medium density, and fine-medium strands. My hair does get frizzy in the front, top of my head and sides but it luvs and readily absorbs water so that's why I'm like hmm..... Maybe I'm a mix of both spongy and cottony hair? I dunno. Lol.


Mop Top Maven said…
I am going to check this video out, but I am with you. Andre's system doesn't really apply to my hair at all - I swear that system is the reason I almost went plum crazy last year.
Unknown said…
My hair is mixed with a lot of mixes! LOL The front is frizzy, the sides are dry, and the back is super curly. BUT I LOVE IT!!

I just wanted to let you know that I referenced your post in my post today because I have had a few people ask about hair typing as well.
Milan said…
Mop Top Maven: Girl, yes! With Andre's system I was like I'm 4a....now what? Lol.

L. Michelle: Hey miss, thanks for referencing me. :D Yes, many/most of us kurlies have more than one texture residing on our heads. This hair "typing" can be confusing but that's why I like this system better b/c it actually describes in detail what kind of TEXTURE you have.
New Day said…
This is just what I need! Thanks. I am going to go subscribe to her videos right now.