New Hair Album

Hey Kurlies. Due to having constant problems with Fotki (the site continuously keeps trying to give my comp viruses. Thank goodness for McAfee!), I'm continuing my hair journey album over at PhotoBucket.

I am still leaving my fotki album up, I just won't be updating it anymore. This new hair album will have pics of my journey from the beginning of this year and on. I will also update the link to my photo album on the side for reference.

Check out my 2010 journey at:

I plan to update this album more regularly and any hairstyles and hair update pics will be included in here, including my WL Hair Challenge progress pics.


Lex said…
Mayn I thought I was the only person having that problem with fotki. They need to get that fixed.
Skeeta said…
I just got an attempted attack from Fotki. Thank goodness I have Norton. Now that I think about it, my comp got a "fake spyware" virus about 6 months ago and I had to get it wiped clean, I didn't have a antivirus then, I bet it could have been from there and I just didn't realize it!