Product Review: Goody Ouchless Gentle Flex Comb vs Goody Ouchless (Shower) Comb

Oh my little, tempermental at times, hair. Remember back when I was expressing my undying luv of the rake comb? My hair continues to evolve and now it no longer cares for the rake comb when it comes to detangling/combing wet hair. I came across two Goody detangling combs. Both combs cost about $3-$4 each and can be found at drugstores, Walmart, Target, etc.


I like the Gentle Flex one better. The teeth are wider spaced apart than the shower one and flex/move more as I comb thru my hair. Both have a "comfort flex spine" which makes it so the teeth flex instead of staying stationary so when combing it through it reduces any snagging of my koils and kurls.

Both combs have seams but they are very small in my opinion. They don't pertrude out as much as the prominent ones on my rake comb. Smaller seams means it will wear on your hair less as you use it over time; so that's less damage to the cuticle.

From all these factors and observations, I in turn experienced less comb induced breakage than usual. I have no problem with that. Ladies, if you see these combs just be cognizant that they are not exactly the same. The shower comb's teeth are not a spread out as.


misss_e said…
Thanks for the tip! Im going to have to try this one out!