Red Palm Oil Was a No

Remember when I was telling you guys I had got some red palm oil to try out earlier this month? I was so excited to try it and it was a #fail.

Why it was a no: It stains orange. The color of the oil is a red-orange but I thought it would go on clear. Nope. You must be very careful not to make a mess. Luckily, I didn't get any on anything major though b/c I have a feeling that you might not be able to remove the stains from clothing and such.

I thought I rinsed out the oil really well but apparently I didn't so I woke up to greasy hair that was making my fingers orange (and anything else it had come into contact with) to the touch. I tried blotting a lot of it out with a paper towel and then after realizing there was no saving it, I decided it was best to just wash my hair all over again. #ugh

I wanted to make sure this time I got it all out so I went out and bought a (cheapie) clarifying shampoo by VO5. I purposely wanted to "strip" my hair of the oil, everything, and just start over with a clean slate. So that's what I did and after 2 lathers, I successfully clarified my hair. (I must say, my hair didn't get dried out from this shampoo and now it feels extra light and fluffier. Nice.)

I have no regrets. I got to try it and now that desire has been satisfied. #ontothenextone

But now I have to figure out what to do with the rest of this oil! Lol. It's used in various African cuisine so I guess I'll be looking up some recipes so I can use it up that way.


Anonymous said…
V05 IS THE TRUTH! that's why I started using it when I was relaxed - it left my hair feeling light, fluffy, and not weighed down. Now that I'm transitioning, I will definitely revisit if I can let go of my HEHH addiction... :)

Sorry the red palm oil didn't work out for you :( I say cook it or trade it for something better with a friend!
MissBrandiss said…
lol... Sorry it didnt work out for you! Now I know to stay away from it!
Unknown said…
Yeah I'm not too sure why natural women turn to palm oil. At home, we use it to cook and that's about it. Not every oil is equal.

In terms of recipes, you can try Palm Oil Rice. I like to cook this every now and again and it's really simple. If you'd like the recipe, lemme know!
Sarah said…
I'm sure there are more than one type of palm oil and people get confused...lookee here:

Red Palm Oil is for cooking! (and occasionally, making soap!) >.<) NOT FOR HAIR!
justicefighter1913 said…
LOL!! Girl, I tried this stuff this past week. I got the same results you did at first, but when I used it the second time, it went better. Watch how much oil you use!!! The first time, I just used a giant glob. That was a major fail! The second time, I melted a 1/4th of a cup and mixed it in with some conditioner. I used the suave almond and shea. My hair loved it!! Maybe that'll work for you :)