Goody Spin Pins are Kinky Kurly Friendly

Found out about these on one of my favorite black hair care forums: LHCF

They looked really cool and after some naturals chimed in on the thread saying it didn't get tangled in their kinks, koils n kurls; then I was really down to try them. I went to my local Wal-Mart for $6. You get 2 in the pack.

The spin pin is supposed to do the job of "20 bobby pins".  I don't know about 20 but it definitely does the job of multiple bobby pins. Like the kinky kurly posters stated, they also did not get caught or tangled in my hair. #score They're super easy to use; just like the name suggests, you "spin"/twist them in. Turn them clockwise to insert into hair and twist counter clockwise when taking them out.

I only used 2 spin pins and the bun was secure, a loose bun, but secure none the less.

Learn more about the Spin Pin and they're other latest accessories at


Mae said…
I was wondering how these would work in natural hair,lol. Thanks for posting!
Chic Therapy said…
your hair looks so pretty
Makeup Theory said…
Oh, wow. Can't wait to try these. Thanks for reviewing them.